Anyone tried Textfree?

Hey all. Has anyone tried textfree from Pinger with Ting? I bought and old sprint Photon a few months ago to test the Ting service in my area.I am now awaiting my port to complete from Google Voice to Ting. I am done with Verizon (yay) and GV unless google gives GV the much needed love it deserves.

So on this rainy weekend I decided to try out some alternative apps. I am sure I didn't try all of them out there but out of the ones I tried TextFree seemed to fit my needs the best. It was the only one I found with MMS support. Downside is I would have to alert people of my new number and leave my old number activated on Ting. Calls and SMS work with the TF number MMS works with an email tied to the account It is a work around for sure but not that bad of one. All texts and incoming calls are free. Outgoing calls are not. But rates seems reasonable 100 minutes for $1.99 and I think they have a monthly unlimited for $2.99 a month. I would opt for pay as I need em. I am always connected to Wi-Fi at home only use data while I am at work which is not much. Don't have time to surf the web and most calls I get at work are incoming.

I guess my question is would it be cost effective to use this app and a data only plan with Ting? And if I forwarded my Ting number to the app would I use any minutes when it forwarded? That way for people that forget to change my contact info I would still get their calls. Porting it to my new GV number to go straight to voicemail would be an option too.

I guess it would be like my own version of Republic Wireless with the advantage of Ting and a better selection of phones. I have been really happy with the Ting model and their customer support has been amazing. Much better than Verizon ever has been.

Sorry for the long post. If anyone suffers through the whole thing I would look forward to your advice/opinion. 




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  • Hey there Mike!  We'll leave the app discussion open for everyone, but we can help with Ting specifics - calls forwarded through Ting do count toward your minutes.  So glad you are enjoying Ting!  If you have specific questions about billing, you can always send us an email.

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