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I am new to ting, my mobile connection worked just fine when I signed up 2 weeks ago, I even used it a lot last weekend when i was getting my car maintenance.  But I Noticed my phone wasn't getting it the last 2 days, most of the time I am near a wifi so I wasn't sure how long it's been but I know it worked the Saturday before last.

Anyway I did the trouble shooting method and here is the one that got me

"If you're in the US and you have an LTE phone, it should be set to LTE/CDMA or Automatic."


I have a HTC 4G LTE phone and I am in the US and this was the setting it was on, when I changed it to CDMA it worked just fine and when I switch it back to LTE/CDMA I get disconnected, and I have no "Automatic" setting. 

Anyone else seen this issue? And why would it work a week ago but not now?



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  • Hey there John!  There are a number of things that could have knocked you temporarily off the network - storms, tower repair, etc.  I'm going to connect with you by email to help out with your phone.  For anyone else who might be having similar trouble with data, these are the steps John referred to.  If you need further help, please get in touch.

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