Got Lollipop on Galaxy S5

Well looks like I got my Lollipop update on my Galaxy S5 yesterday.  (2-6-15)  Sad part is I thought I had automatic updates turned off.   Couldn't figure out how to just remove the update without installing it.  Update was using some 900 megs so I just went ahead and installed it.

Really hate the white backgrounds it uses.   Since the phone use less power with pure black backgrounds that just dumb.  

I am guesses Samsung has a custom launcher because most of the phones operations are the same.    This is a plus for me.   Wife Nexus 5 works completely different I am assuming that is because it is using the Google Now launcher?  I really hate it, this is why I tried to prevent lollipop from installing.  New to smart phones and not sure what to expect.

Was looking at some of the different launchers available.  Is it save to put the Nova Launcher on and still be able to revert to the original Samsung/Google launchers if needed?



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  • Doug, I have had no issue adding and deleting launchers on 4.4.4. Notwithstanding the hype, I am not a fan of launchers. Maybe I am just too old. Waiting for 5 on my HTC ones. Should be any day. Actually, 4.4.4 on a quad core works wonderfully, as I thing back to Eclair and FROYO

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