GSM Beta - testing results

I have been testing the calling and everything is working fine with 1 exception. Calls to my Ring.To ( say:

"The subscriber you have dialed is not in service."

I am able to call this # from every other service I am aware of, just not Ting GSM.

Background: This was originally a Google Voice #. I ported it to and it worked but they could never get SMS working on it. I then switched it over to Ring.To and it has worked fine since. Even though it had been ported out of Voipo, they still had it in their system as 1 of my #s. I contacted their support to ask them to make sure it was completely out of their system in case Ting calls were routing to them instead of Ring.To, which they did. Calls still won't go through, though.

The one other issue I have had with that number of Ring.To is that if I set it as my PayPal number, it will not receive SMS from their service. So, it is possible the issue is on the Ring.To end. I am not sure what to try that could verify it.

I will test using this new Ting # for PayPal SMS notifications and other places I have had issues using my Ring.To # to see if I have similar issues or if it works fine.

More to come...



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  • So far so good with texting. It works fine with PayPal and is now my primary number for notifications. :)

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