GSM public beta discussion

(If you haven't already, head over and purchase your Ting GSM X1 SIM card.  Once it is delivered (expeditiously), you'll be ready to go!)

Thanks for taking part in the public beta for our GSM service!  There are a few things that aren't yet ready, so we wanted to be sure to point those out...


  • International long distance.  For now, you'll need to use an alternative service like Google Voice or Skype.  We're working on offering considerably better rates for calling overseas, so we promise it's worth the wait.  You can now enable international long distance for your GSM lines in your account dashboard.  Rates are the same as on GSM, although we're still aiming to lower international long distance rates for both CDMA and GSM later this year.
  • International roaming.  GSM opens up a lot more doors for customers in terms of travelling abroad.  We still think your best bet is to use an unlocked device with a local SIM or a service like KnowRoaming.  But we will offer international roaming in the near future.  (Keep in mind the rates will be different from our CDMA international roaming rates.)
  • Mobile apps.  Our iOS and Android apps do not yet support making settings changes for your GSM lines.  Updates will be pushed to the App Store and the Play Store later today, but it may take a few days for those revisions to get approved.  In the meantime, head over to your web dashboard for any GSM device settings changes.  Our iOS and Android apps have been updated to support making settings changes for your GSM lines.
  • Account dashboard.  We're still working on the best ways to handle GSM device settings on your account dashboard.  Also, MMS cannot currently be disabled from your dashboard.
  • Caller ID. Outgoing Caller ID Name cannot currently be updated. We'll update when the option becomes available.
  • iPhone features.  Certain iPhone features, including visual voicemail, Wi-Fi Calling, and group messaging are not yet supported.  We hope to offer these options later this year, but we don't yet have a definitive timeframe.  (If these features are critical to you, they are supported on our CDMA network.)  For more on using your iPhone with our GSM service, please see here.
  • Wi-Fi Calling.  If you have a device with firmware that supports the Wi-Fi Calling feature provided by our GSM network partner, it should now work once it is enabled on your account dashboard.  It may take up to 24 hours for the feature to fully provision to your device.  Please keep in mind, Wi-Fi Calling minutes and messages still charge at the same normal rate as a tower-based call or minute.  Wi-Fi Calling is still very much a work in progress, but a number of our customers have found it to be helpful for improving coverage indoors.


If you're having some issues finding the correct place to update APN settings for your specific device, our activation series covers a wide range.  If you come across one that we haven't documented but you manage to get it working, we'd love it if you could share your steps here for us to kindly borrow.  ;)  If you're wondering about the compatibility of a specific device, take a look at our article here and be sure to use our compatibility checker.

Last but not least, we're here to help.  If you run into issues, please share what's going on here.  Either a Ting team member or one of your fellow customers almost certainly has the answers.  If something is seriously broken and it's getting in the way of what you need to get done, please get in touch with us via the normal channels so we can help right away.  Our first GSM activations were almost three months ago.  Our first beta customers joined over a month ago.  Things are quite stable, but we're still tweaking and perfecting everywhere we can.

Without any further ado, we'd really love to hear how things go for you, both during and after your activation.  Thanks for being a part of our GSM beta!



  • Switched my phone over to Ting yesterday,  I was on virgin mobile and unhappy with the service, my girlfriend recently upgraded to the Note 4 on her dads AT&T business account. Her old galaxy S3 was no longer in use so i had decided to use it with Ting! (I have been looking at Ting for a year or so wanting to switch over but not wanting to buy a new phone) I thought it might be helpful to anyone with a s3 from AT&T to hear this. Firstly, it will take SEVERAL days to get your phone unlock code from AT&T , I started the process on Friday February 20th and didn't get the unlock code until Monday February 23rd, Even though AT&T is open for all of the weekend. Once i finally got the unlock code it wouldn't work, so i had submitted several requests and ultimately ended up getting transferred from AT&T's customer service to samsung's customer service, who told me that only the carrier could provide unlock codes, So basically i got no where with that. Once getting back with AT&T they once again gave me the same unlock code, After doing some research i found a process that will work for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy s3 with the unlock code from AT&T (I am not the only person who has had this problem) 

    Inset a NON ATT sim and switch on the phone. (Ting Sim)

     When it prompts you to enter the unlock code, dismiss the unlock code screen.

    1. Go to the Dial pad and dial *#197328640#
    2. Please click on number [1] UMTS > [1] Debugging screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] NETWORK LOCK
    3. You will see 3 options
    4. Please click on number [1] Perso Sha256 INFO, the screen will change slightly
    5. Please hit the MENU button then when the menu pops up please carefully hit BACK to return to the previous screen
    6. Next Please click on number [2] Perso Sha256 ON, the screen will change again to a one line message
    7. Restart the phone on the screen by holding the power button and click RESTART
    8. When the phone prompts for the unlock code simply enter the unlock code provided to you
    9. Your phone is now permanently unlocked!

    If you follow these directions exactly you will be successful in unlocking your Galaxy s3 by AT&T and possibly other providers as well.

    And now for some feedbck, Been on Ting for over a day, once the phone was successfully unlocked the Ting Sim immediately worked, i had to follow the instructions to set the APN and once that was done i was able to use the mobile data, I am extremely satisfied thus far, no coverage issues to speak of as of yet. I like that i can control what happens when i reach so many texts, minutes, or data usage. This should save me a BUTTLOAD of money!! #excited

  • Can we please get step-by-step directions on how to port your Ting CDMA number to GSM?  There are a lot of notices that say the "activation method doesn't work" and some that say the "device settings" method works or doesn't work.  However, I haven't found steps that clearly describe those methods.  I'm pretty sure I'm capable of following directions for any method (even if that method is "call Ting") but would prefer if there is a step-by-step process that I can use and only call if I have trouble.


  • I brought over an unlocked AT&T iPhone 4S and haven't been able to successfully send an MMS yet. Is this feature not there yet? It's hard to tell if it's just the network, since it only does up to Edge speeds. I can get webpages to load, but it's slow enough that even that doesn't always reliably work.

  • Dan - MMS is working, so  it could be a setting on your phone.  Did you update the APN settings?  

  • So far since I received a number. The process of activation was pretty easy! I am using a CUBOT S168

  • I'm unsure if it's a known issue or not but i am unable to send or receive picture messages at this time. The message comes through but it wont download


  • Christopher - Yup, APN settings are all correct. It just sits there, the little progress bar across the top stopping just shy of finishing.

  • I purchased a new unlocked Galaxy Note 4 (att&t) and am not able to activate or port a number over. I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the Note 4.


  • Gregory - New instructions for switching from Ting CDMA to GSM have been posted:

  • I bought a Blu Studio 5.0 C HD based off of the radio frequency listed on the Ting page. But the compatibility checker shows 2G and no 4G HSPA+. Any clue if the 1700 Mhz freq. will get 4G HSPA+?


    Entering IMEI the way Apple formats it does not work:  01 378900 XXXXX X

    The compatibility checker requires all the numbers jammed together.

  • Gregory: I can confirm that the porting of my Ting CDMA phone number (a long time multi-year Sprint number from the past) over to Ting GSM worked fine on my Google Nexus 5... as long as I got all my APN settings entered correctly.

  • I bought my Ting GSM SIM and activated with a new number.  I can successfully swtich my Nexus 5 between the GSM SIM and Sprint network.  Everything seems to work.

    I've ordered a new phone for my wife from Amazon (she cracked her screen), and two more GSM SIM cards.  I'll be porting my two numbers to those, then disabling this "test" SIM.

  • David Hwang - Thank you very much!  I bookmarked that very helpful link.

  • john,

    T-Mobile's coverage map is more up to date and shows where the various LTE frequencies are used.

  • Apparently the Tmobile versions of Galaxy S and Galaxy 4 tablets have all three LTE bands and hotspot functions built in.  Does anyone know if they also have wifi calling built in?

  • Ken,

    That is extremely doubtful. I think most of their new phones support it. I know the Nexus is is supposed to get support later this year.

  • David Crowell : I found that switching networks without even rebooting worked pretty well except I initially had to go back and "wipe" my CDMA carrier settings in order to get the wifi hotspotting to work while on my GSM card. It seems to be a Nexus 5 (+ lolipop?) specific thing.

  • Don Rude,

    The first switch required some setting changes and a reboot.  Switching back and forth now is painless, but I still reboot, because, why not?

    Once I port my number to the a SIM (hasn't arrived yet), I wont' bother switching again unless I travel overseas.

  • Brought over an AT&T iPhone 3GS. Took a bit of fiddling to get iMessage working after switching to and activating the new SIM, but all seems to be working now.

    Doesn't seem like this should have anything to do with switching to a different network, but battery life is now atrocious. With no apps running and the phone asleep, the battery drains overnight. That never happened before switching to Ting GSM.

  • Andrew: That could just be due to the coverage difference between AT&T and T-Mobile. If the T-Mobile signal is worse, I'd think it would be working harder to establish a good connection, and drain the battery as a consequence.

  • Yeah, that's what I was starting to suspect: that the phone's having to feed more power to the radios because of a weaker signal. A full drain in under eight hours seems a bit much, though.

  • Andew, 

    When I first set up my Moto X with the Ting GSM I was suddenly getting really terrible battery life. I spent a day trying to track down the cause. My phone was also very warm while that was happening. I finally found that I didn't have my APN settings quite right. After I fixed that my phone recovered completely, battery life is now good again and the phone is generally cool. I don't know why that would happen, it was very strange.  

  • I have an unlocked Amazon Fire. The Ting SIM is activated. When I put it in the phone, I am asked for a SIM PIN. I have not used the SIM on any other phone. I went through the APN steps, but the items will not save and I suspect that it may be because of the SIM PIN. Am I missing something obvious?

  • Thanks, Theresa. My phone is indeed warm, consistent with its using a fair amount of power.

    Double-checked my settings. MMSC was slightly off, but everything else was as per Hard to go wrong when all of the entries are just "wholesale."

    Any relation to Larry Masinter, BTW?

  • I screwed up. I purchased the Amazon Fire from eBay where some listed items were for unlocked and some locked. I stupidly did not notice that the phone I purchased did not indicate Unlocked. Clearly an issue on my part. Oh, well... I put in an unlock request through AT&T, but I'm sure that won't go through...


  • Andew, hope your battery life improves now.

    My ex husband has a cousin named Larry, perhaps he's the same Larry :-)  I never had the opportunity to meet him.

  • Andrew,

    Try rebooting the phone. Perhaps some process is hung, consuming your battery. It couldn't hurt and might help.

  • Got my sim card from ting and when I activate it this is what I get. Anybody that can help me would be awesome.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I've rebooted a couple of times and fixed the MMSC entry, but neither helped much.

    However, I think I've found the problem. It seems that somewhere during the unlock-the-phone/activate-on-Ting process, e-mail push updates got turned on. After turning that off, the phone has cooled down and battery charge is dropping at an acceptably slow rate. I'll check the phone again in the morning to make sure, but it looks like that's done the trick.

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