Can anyone recommend a phone that will travel nicely in Europe?

I'm looking to upgrade from my trusty Kyocera Rise to something that will be easy to set up for European travel (Netherlands & Belgium). Generally I'm a light user - and I don't intend to spend a lot on the latest, greatest & newest.  I'll probably look for a used phone.  Must haves include the ability to tether other devices and a good battery life.

I would LOVE advice from folks who have had experience with this.  I understand the need for a local sim card -- but I don't know all of the details and in's and outs of this.  

Feel free to talk to me like I'm a dummy - because I am when it comes to phones!




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  • The Kyocera Rise is a CDMA phone. You must be using it on Ting's network that uses Sprint. 

    The technology used by Sprint phones is not compatible with the GSM technology primarily used in the rest of the world. There may be some world phones that could be used on Sprint's network, but probably not many.

    If you have good T-Mobile service in your area, you may want to consider Ting GSM which has the same domestic rates as Ting CDMA. The US GSM networks use different frequencies that most of the world, but there are more world phones available.


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