Ting GSM Lock Screen Shots...

This probably only applies to phone geeks like myself, but I love it when I wake my phone display up and see Ting on the lock screen. 

Ive had every national carrier, and I never got that feeling before from a lock screen but something about saving money and getting better service can always make me smile.

To that end, I've decided to start a thread dedicated to Ting GSM Lock Screen Shots, so we can see just how many different devices have been moved to Ting so far.

If you want to jump on this thread, just set your GSM phone to the default lock screen (otherwise we cant tell what phone it is) and take a screen shot.

The default lock screen is whatever lock screen the phone used when it came out of the box or after a factory reset.

To take a screenshot varies by device but it typically requires pressing and holding a key combo while on the lock screen.

For example, many devices use pressing and holding the Power key and the Home or** Volume Down** key for three seconds.

I like to take my screenshots at Noon just because it looks good but feel free to use whatever time you want.

Then name the file with your device model, and upload it here by clicking "Attach file" below. 

There's no contest or prize, and I don't work for Ting, so please don't call support for assistance in capturing your lock screen shot, since they're busy providing excellent service to people with actual issues. 

But if, like me, you get that Ting-ly feeling when you see Ting on your GSM lock screen, feel free to throw your device lock screen shot up here.

Here's a couple device shots to get this party started, and I'll post some more from my collection (yes, I do) when I get home.



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  • From my $20, practically disposable, prepaid T-Mobile ZTE Zinger (that allegedly wasn't going to work on Ting until some period had expired) that I bought today at Wally World after my Note 2 went swimming. Seeing Ting on it is a beautiful thing. I wish I could get a screenshot from my AT&T Tilt and my Nokia 6085, too - they look awesomely retro sporting the Ting logo. Tough to beat a flip phone or an old WinMo for style.

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