I love ting!!

Before i switched over to ting, I always had to deal with phone bill issue from sprint and other companies due to me being without much cash and parents paying bills. There would be times where i didn't have no way to contact someone while i'm away because of high phone bills that are usually left unpaid(until i can scuff up enough pocket change to pay it). But then My sister found this site desperately seeking an alternative for her sprint phone and referred me here. And I can say without a doubt that i love ting services. I also love where you can use as much talk, message, and data you want under your usage(No more preset plans!!) And to top it all off, Ting referral system has single handedly help me pay off my bill for that month, which means i have to pay nothing for bills for a very long time!! I have referred alot of people here, but i refuse to stop referring more people to this wonderful site.(Currently have a total of $1,078 ting credit)



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  • That is fantastic!

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