Where is a good place to post reviews?

I've been a ting customer for a short time and I'd like to post a review (very positive so far!). I haven't yet found a good place to post user reviews for a service like ting. Does anyone have suggestions?



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  • Absolutely! If you are on Twitter, Facebook, ect you can sing the praises of Ting to people and even link in your referral link so you can get credits towards your bill for people who sign up. Both of you will get credits for a referral going through!

    Another good place is any forums you may visit. If they have an Off Topic area, you could post your experiences with Ting for other users to see. Just watch out with referral links on forums as some forums have rules against advertising. I have seen a few "Ting is awesome" post around the net before though :D

    You could always record a short video talking about your experiences and upload it to Youtube, or start a blog with your first entry being about how much money you can save with Ting and the pros and cons.

    Last I could think of from the top of my head is good ole word of mouth! :D Tell your friends, family and co workers about how great Ting is... while gently reminding them they could save money on their first bill using your referral link ;) 

    Glad you are pleased with Ting so far!  I have never been with a cell company like them, and couldn't imagine ever using another service (unless I needed large amounts of data...)!

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