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hi All, The wife and I are travelling to Cancun in a couple of month.  We'll be at a resort about 20 miles south of Cancun (excellence Riviera Cancun).  According to a previous thread, Sprint may have coverage in the area.

But a couple of additional questions:

We both have Samsung Epic 4G touch phones (aka Galaxy SII)

  - mine has CyanogenMod 10.1/Android 4.2.2

  - hers is factory rom also Android 4.2.2

Are those both compatible for that area and coverage?

Will international Sprint allow data, or is that be roaming and not available?  (I'm assuming I'll have access to wi-fi mostly, but just in case)  Anyone that's been there -- how good is the coverage really?

I found the international rate page, (  Although we don't expect to do much calling, we will be checking up on familiy and likely sending/receiving texts -- the charges are pretty steep.    Would I be better off getting some sort of pre-paid phone from another carrier?





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  • Anytime during your trip where you have WiFi connectivity, I would suggest using an internet based texting service, such as Google Voice. Doing so will save from any international charges. If you are connected directly to Sprint, all services will function and bill as they currently do now. The ROM of the phone most likely will not make a difference in connectivity.

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