Ting New Control Panel Feedback

Today we launched the new Ting control panel, designed to make managing your account even easier. We really hope you like it!

Has it resolved a problem you had with the control panel before? Great--we want to know. Did we take away something that you loved and used everyday? We want to know that too.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!



  • I love the layout, although there is a fourth number showing on the Current Usage page which does not belong to my herd. 






  • It's probably due to my personal preference for numbers versus graphs, but I wish the vague "percentage" pie chart for individual line usage details also had the raw numbers next to it. For example, on "messages" I can see that my wife used more messages than me this month, but I can't see the number of messages without mousing over each chart. This makes me have to mouse back and forth to get a sense of both figures at once, instead of seeing them both at the same time. But again, I'm a "show me the numbers" kind of guy so it's purely personal preference. Otherwise, it looks good to me. 

  • Hey Chuck,

    I was wrong--it's actually less a bug and more a leftover oddity from the previous version. It just wasn't as obvious back then. We're still going to take a look at it though.


  • good stuff.  very excited about making the switch!

  • I really liked having the current usage, expected usage, average usage, and max usage for each category displayed plainly. Very sad to see this feature gone.

  • I don't know if this has anything to do with the new control panel or not, but in at least our last billing period and the current one underway, you're reporting calls from Akron, OH, and Buffalo, NY.  I am quite certain we have been in neither of those locations in the recent past.  Alabama to Ohio, OK.  Indiana, OK. Central to western Ohio, OK.  (Not Oklahoma.)  But not northeastern Ohio or New York.  What gives?

  • I'm disappointed that this update doesn't add the one feature that's always been missing for me in the Control Panel. I need to know how much of each resource (minutes, messages, data) each device on my account uses per billing cycle. Yes, the Control Panel still lists each and every individual minute and 0.0001 megabyte and I can filter each one by device. However, I'm far too lazy to add up every one of the few hundred entries for each device every month when it should be trivial for the computer to do it. That's on me.

    With both the old and new system, I have to remember to log on to the Ting Control Panel the day before my billing period expires and check the "Current Usage" for each device. With the new design, I can't even do that easily because the simple tabular layout has been replaced by useless pie charts. I now have to hover over each pie chart and write down the values myself.

    I'm sorry, Ting, I love your service and the features of the Control Panel, but this slavish devotion to graphics ignores the value of simple, tabular data. (REF anything by Edward Tufte) It would be very easy and very useful (to me and at least one other poster in this thread), for the site to display a single table with a row for each device on the account, and columns for minutes, messages, and data and a final row totaling each column.

    If you want to put pie charts next to all that, fine, but as they are now, there's no fixed value range so the reader has no frame of reference for interpreting the charts. Each pie chart only indicates how close the account is to the next tier. The device pie charts are useless for comparing devices and only indicate how much of the current level was consumed by that device.

  • I like it so far. I'm not sure if I'll miss the "speedometer" look yet or not. Is there any way to update the app for phones to look more like this?

  • I liked the speedometer look better.  Would be nice if I could spoof my google number in the caller ID

  • I think I like this look better than the speedometer look, but it seems to take up more space.

    I like the at-a-glance overview of usage on individual lines.

    I don't like losing the projected/average/max statistics.

    Here's a proposal that might make this display even more useful:

    1) Instead of basing the pies on the current service tier (say, 100-1000 messages), always base them from 0. For extra credit, put a tick showing the previous tier's upper boundary (in this case, at 10%).

    2) Show another, smaller pie indicating where we are in the current cycle.

    Now, you can quickly compare the billing-cycle-pie and a usage-pie to see whether you're likely to exhaust your tier before the end of the cycle. Voila!

  • I never liked the speedometer look so the pie graph is a big improvement. Otherwise I didn't really have a problem with the old one so it looks about the same to me.

    That being said I agree with Johnson and Tucker in saying that I would like a place where I can see the numbers broken down and totaled by phone. Maybe even have the same pie graph on said new page with different colors for the diffrent phones. Personally I'm a single guy with one phone so this isn't an issue for me, however if I did have a family of devices (and I plan to one day) I would want this.

  • So far not bad!

    Ting does need to add support for other browsers like PaleMoon.  The new version 25 broke away from firefox and no long has Firefox portion in it's Useragent identification string.  So far it does display everything correctly.   Just get that annoying "We want to make sure you have an outstanding Ting experience. We are not able to deliver that with your current browser settings." 

    But I guess its easy enough to disable.

  • Also, a majority of the time when I log in to the dashboard I am on my tablet or phone. So "hover over" info isn't ideal and should be avoided. I'd rather it just be underneath.

  • The main features I'd like to see are:

    A) Estimated bill (if I continue to use services at the same rate).

    B) How much extra money it will cost if I roll over into the next "tier" of usage. For example, when I hover over the pie chart, to see something like "Next data tier: 1-2GB, $25 dollars" just so I can get an idea of how much it's worth to try and avoid exceeding my current usage.

    I like Jeffrey's suggestions above.

  • @Stephan: You can hover over the pie charts under each category. However, finding a way to show usage for each line visibly could be helpful. Maybe in the device page, or in the detail view?

  • Love the new layout!  However, I believe your calculation for Average Monthly Bill is incorrect.  Does it not include Tax and Fee's?  Can you share the calculation used?

  • I kind of like the new look, but here's what I miss about the old:

    • for each category, "Estimated" usage and cost at end of cycle if I continue at the same rate.
  • In my opinion, the device settings page is now much less readable.  The simple check boxes next to each option is quicker and easier to interpret than scanning a horizontal row and looking for "on/off", and then double-checking that you were looking at the right row.

  • @Joshua: Yes, I mentioned how I now have to hover over each entry and write down the values myself, which makes it even worse than before. Also, as Bryan mentioned, hover doesn't work on a touch screen.

  • I agree with Morgan above in terms of seeing the raw numbers right away. Its a personal preference, but certainly not a deal breaker. The overall layout looks better IMO.

  • In billing history/monthly usage/usage details, please add the columns (column totals). If you do this, I will no longer need to download the spreadsheet files.

  • I'm thrilled the new panel adds in the average bill price. This is useful and valuable information! 

  • I don't see estimates or maximums anymore. Please bring both back.

    Also, I don't see usage by device anymore. Is there a way to get this?


    The graphics look good, and I do like to know which bucket I'm currently in for each category.


    I second Jamie Lewis last comment about the subtotals.

  • Ok, now I don't see the spreadsheet downloads anymore, so I'm not sure how to tell usage by device for previous months - ore even the current month for that matter.


    Can we get something like this:


                                                                                                MIN                        MES                             MEG

    Bob's phone                                                                     250                         1500                             975

    Sally's phone                                                                    160                          780                               575

    Joe's phone                                                                     1100                          100                              200


    Total                                                                                  1510                        2380                             1750


    I need that for the current month and all previous months.



  • I like the new clean look, however I really need to see an actual number as far as usage totals for each phone.  When I clicked details, I thought I would see at total, not the dates/times of my usage.  Why I do think the detail info is useful, totals broken out for each phone user is my number one wish list item!

  • Sorting error on the Current Usage Details page here:


    When you sort by call length it only sorts by the first number, not the highest/lowest number. So call length longest to shortest looks like this:








    Also, for people who want to view usage by device, this page lets you, but it doesn't add up the total - hopefully they will ad that :)

    Click on the Details link under minutes/texts/megabytes to get there.

  • I would much rather see the numbers for each phone in each category.

  • I too miss the max & average figures for each category.

  • I actually like the speedometer layout more. I like to know right away exactly how minutes I've used, how many texts and

    how much data I've used. My husband wants to switch over and that was the one feature he was looking to have when you log in :(

    Please bring it back!!

  • I think Stefan Tucker and Paul Lair have the right idea about the need for tables.

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