Nexus 6 Purchase from Activated on Ting!

I can confirm that a Nexus 6 bought from Motorola can be activated on Ting.  I activated mine a few minutes ago.  I ordered my Nexus 6 on 11/6/14 and it was delivered on 11/18/14.  On 11/18/14, I saw a post from the Ting Staff that there might be an issue activating the phone if it was bought from Motorola instead of the Google Play Store.  I contacted Ting about this and they were very helpful.  They confirmed that my IMEI number was not on Sprints Whitelist and they escalated the issue with Sprint.  The following morning I had a reply from Ting that Sprint and Motorola resolved the issue with my IMEI number and that my phone could be activated later in the day.  I was contacted by the Ting staff early in the afternoon that the issue was resolved that they confirmed that my phone can be activated as soon as I had a SIM Card.  I ordered a SIM card on 11/18/14 when Ting put them on sale.  I received it today (11/20/14) and was able to activate the phone.


My initial impression of the phone when I opened the box was, “Wow, that is a big phone.”  The more I used it, the more I liked it.  I was worried that the Nexus 6 was going to be too big, now I am think that my previous phone (Galaxy Nexus) was too small.  I did carry the Nexus 6 around for the day on 11/19/14 just to see how it felt in my pocket all day.  I drove to and from work with it in my front pocket, and I had no issues with comfort while I was driving.  I also had no issues with the phone in my pocket while I sat at my desk and worked.  I am sure there are going to be situations where I will need to take it out of my pocket.  I am really liking the size of the screen and I am definitely keeping the phone.


I would like to thank the Ting staff for helping me resolve the issues I had activating the Nexus 6.  Once again there Customer Service is fantastic and they get an A+ rating from me.


Anyone else get a Nexus 6?



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  • I also have a Nexus 6 that I just got.  Ported my number from Verizon to Google Voice.  Activated my Nexus 6 on Ting.  Set up the integration and I have to say that everything works great. You are right, when I saw this phone, I thought "wow, it's big" but it's really not so much bigger than my old Note 3 that it replaced.

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