Anyone else order a HTC Desire 510 Blue?

I've read lots about the HTC Desire 510, and given I've used an LG Optimus S for over two years that I bought from Ting for like $40 I think the Desire 510 will be a nice upgrade.  Just curious, anyone else use one?  If so what do you like or not like?  Also anyone else order one and waiting?  

My current phone honestly works great.  If it had more storage, 4G LTE, and supported Android 4 I'd keep it longer, it's been the best phone I ever owned, but hopefully I get the same kind of mileage from the 510.




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  • I'll be honest, the screen resolution and camera aren't big issues for me.  I mostly use my phone as a phone plus to run a few apps (Google Maps, Skype, alarm system app, bank app, etc). I have a Nexus tablet for things that require a higher resolution screen, and I generally carry a Sony Cybershot camera to parties and events for pictures and video.  The only pictures I generally take with my phone are like the white board at work or labels in a store, and sub-par resolution for those isn't a biggie.  But as long as it's fast, runs the few apps I need, has speedy broadband (which it should on 4G LTE), and tethers my devices well, that's all I want, and from the reviews I've read it should meet these easily.  My LG Optimus S fit most of this quite well, but given it's just 3G and only Android 2.3 it's reaching its end of life.  Besides the updates for Android alone fill-up the available memory (only like 256 Megs), so I've had to pull most of the apps from it that I use.    The size though of the LG Optimus S is just perfect, and the rounded edges it fits perfectly in my pocket.  I hope the size of the Desire 510 isn't an issue since I hate big bulky phones, but we'll see.  I'll post some reviews once I get it, which I guess it's still set to ship around the second week of November.


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