Sprint routing problem? And customer service woes.

For over a month, I've been having trouble with inbound calls to one of the phones (Samsung M300) under my account.  Calls would sometimes go straight to voicemail.  Otherwise, the caller would only hear one or two rings, and if the M300 doesn't pick up, the call would then just linger in silence, never even reaching the voice mailbox.  If the M300 does pick up, the reception is very briefly audible before fading out.  The call remains connected even after the audio fades; it does not suddenly drop.

The issue only applies to calls from other cell phones, not landline phones.  The phone also seems to be having trouble only at/near my home address because when I tested it a couple of miles further out, it had no problems with any calls whatsoever.  I don't think the issue is due to a weak signal strength at home, however, since calls here on my other phone are clear and both phones consistently display excellent signal status.

Everything else seems to be working just fine on the M300.  There are no problems with outbound calls, text messaging, and leaving and accessing voicemail.

I opened a support ticket more than a month ago and it automatically closed yesterday since I hadn't replied to it for four days.  I was reluctant to do so because it was recklessly going in circles.  At least I now have this handy list of things I confirmed in the help request, so I hopefully won't need to confirm them again:

  • The manual program (the MSID reset), even with a newly assigned MSID, did not help.
  • The factory reset did not help.  Along with the manual program, I seriously tried this multiple times already.
  • The DEC number of the M300 is confirmed.
  • No issues with outbound calls.  I explicitly stated this twice, so where did he get the idea that I can't phone out?!
  • All calls, including those missed, do show up in the call history.
  • Revisiting voicemail setup did not help, and it still doesn't.  When I say I already tried something that did not help, I mean it!

In the midst of confirming all of that, I searched for possible causes and solutions and found this thread on the Ting forums: https://help.ting.com/entries/66521116-Can-t-Receive-Incoming-Calls-Fast-Busy-All-the-Time.  The OP there experienced a similar problem which was eventually traced back to a routing error with Sprint and which was then successfully resolved.  I asked the Ting rep who was supposed to help me about this and he said, "I don't think it is a routing issue as the number is with us and I want to insure that all is good."  Well, the customer in the other thread also had a number with Ting.  I could be wrong, but I still think it's worth considering a possible Sprint routing issue because what was described in that thread seems relevant enough to what I've been experiencing.

Does anyone here on the forums have any insight about the inbound call issue I'm having?  If so, I would really like to know.  Also, could someone from Ting customer support please contact and help me?  Someone with good reading comprehension would be preferable because I don't want to have to keep repeating myself.  I don't mean to be picky, but for three weeks or so, the help that I got was mind-numbingly lousy and aimless.  With that said, I have no complaints about the first Ting rep who was assigned to my support ticket.  His correspondence was thoughtful and constructive.  It was coherent.  However, a different Ting rep had to step in after a week and that's where I was sent back to square one.  Not much has changed, but apparently I'm more frustrated now.

So is there anyone from Ting who can seriously help me out here?



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  • Hey there Cynthia, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going to re-open your help request and we will look into the request a little more so we can hopefully get your phone up and running properly.  

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