Obi ROCKS! and Ting is what we've all been waiting for!

Honestly, I couldn't believe what I heard Obi (the support guy I spoke with) saying.  ALL the other cell providers confuse you until you throw up your hands, shut your eyes, and pick a plan you hate, can't understand, and don't want to pay for.  Ting is like a cell phone service that actually services ME.  They make it easy to see what you're going to get, and how much you will pay for it.  They give CUSTOMERS control over their own accounts!  Really, it's totally unheard of in this stupid, shady, corporate-minded industry - Provide a useful service to your customers at a fair (and intelligible) price and they will flock to you.  Obi, the guy who spent nearly an hour explaining how Ting works was freaking brilliant; which is to say that he was a knowledgable, personable, HUMAN; not a bored, uninterested android.  I can't wait to sign up with this company (but I am waiting till they get GSM in two weeks as Obi suggested).  I'm telling everyone I know about this company.  They expose how pathetic the "Big Four" really are.  Thanks Ting, and Thank you Obi - you actually do Rock.



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  • I love your enthusiasm, Craig, because it expresses very much how I felt when I first read of how Ting worked.  I had this stunned silence for a moment, and then thought, "THIS is how people WISH cell phone plans worked.  It automatically adjusts to however you use your phone each month."  And offering superb customer service on top of the automagic simplicity is almost too good.

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