Thanks for the "average monthly bill" calculation

Just wanted to drop a quick note here saying that I really like the "average monthly bill" line on my "current usage" dashboard.  Last month I had a lot more usage than usual, and me knee jerk response was to try to calculate if I was still getting a good deal with Ting.  I ran different scenarios with keeping me on Ting and moving my wife out to a different carrier, and vice versa.  The scenarios came back that I would be close to breaking even during those high usage months.  However, I then noticed the "average monthly bill" line, and it was much less than those hypothetical scenarios.   So, even though I may pay as much as other carriers in the months of high usage, those high usage months are rare and I'm still saving tons of money.

So, thanks to whoever's idea that was!  You guys rock!



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  • Hey Clay, thanks for the feedback. So glad you like it!

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