Using Google Voice on your Ting phone

I'd like to share my solution for successfully using Google Voice on my Ting phone. For reference, I opted for a new phone number from Ting (i.e., I did not port).

First, configure GVoice as you would for any other phone. GVoice should recognize your handset as a Sprint handset. If you plan on using Google Voice's voicemail as your primary voicemail system, configure that, too. Be aware: the on-screen prompts from Google may provide inaccurate information for initiating call forwarding (on which GVoice relies when activating voicemail for you). See your handset's manual for instructions on properly configuring call forwarding.

This is the most important step: In your Ting Dashboard, load the Settings page for your handset. Uncheck "Call Forwarding can be set on phone." Instead, check "Forward 'No Answer' calls to this number," and type your GVoice number in the corresponding field. This will ensure that GVoice properly "hands off" calls placed to it.

Note that this method has been verified by Ting customer support. Many thanks to Brian for his help and patience.



Using Google Voice on Ting FAQ [Updated November 1, 2013]


Google recently announced sweeping changes to its Google Voice service—changes that could render the contents of this thread inaccurate. See this link ( for additional detail regarding these potential changes, the implementation of which could occur as early as May 2014.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice (abbreviated "GVoice" or "GV" in this thread) is a service from Google that provides users with a way to "unite" their many telephone numbers. Google Voice users receive a new telephone number and can "link" their existing phone numbers to this new one. When dialed, the new number effectively "rings" all other telephones linked to it. For example, one might link both a home phone and an office phone to a Google Voice number which, when dialed, will cause both the home phone and office phone to ring. Google Voice also offers additional functionality—such as voicemail archiving and transcription, customized voicemail greetings, "do not disturb" protocols, and spam blocking—that users in this thread find useful. For more information, visit

Does Google Voice allow me to make telephone calls over the Internet?

No. Google Voice is not a Voice over Internet Protocol service (or application). Some Ting customers pair Google Voice with GrooveIP to acquire Voice over Internet Protocol functionality.

So why does the Google Voice application ask me to "use Google Voice to make all calls." Isn't it making my telephone calls over the Internet?

No. By making telephone calls "through" Google Voice, you are asking Google Voice to display your Google Voice number as your caller ID information, so that others will see your Google Voice number on their handsets when you call them (and not the caller ID information of, say, the mobile phone or office phone you have linked to Google Voice). You are not making VoIP calls. Using Google Voice to make telephone calls will require you to pay for minutes with Ting. To make VoIP telephone calls, use an application like GrooveIP (see below).

Am I using my Ting minutes when I place calls with Google Voice?

.** Google Voice is not an application for making free telephone calls.

What does Google Voice cost?

Nothing. Google offers Google Voice for free. Of course, as is the case with any of Google's "free" services, the company uses data collected from Google Voice users to produce and distribute targeted advertising.

I see that Google and Sprint have partnered to allow Sprint customers to deeply integrate Google Voice with their mobile phones. Can I do this?

No. This special integration is available only to Sprint customers, not Ting customers.

Can I send text messages with Google Voice?

Yes. Google Voice features free text messaging to mobile phones in the United States or Canada. By downloading Google's Google Voice application to their Ting handsets, users are able to send and receive text messages without incurring text messaging charges from Ting, drastically reducing their messaging bills. To do this, you must use the Google Voice application and not Android's built-in Messages application. However, Ting users are reporting that sending text messages via the Google Voice application does in fact require a tiny amount of data, though the amount is almost negligible (and using the application over a wifi connection does not incur data charges). Read the thread for these reports.

People are calling my Google Voice number, but my Ting phone isn't ringing. What should I do?

First, be sure your Ting number is properly "linked" to your Google Voice account. You should modify your Google Voice settings to include your Ting telephone number in the list of numbers GV will ring when someone calls your GV number. In your Google Voice dashboard, click "Settings > Phones" to ensure your configurtion is correct. Next, check your Ting dashboard to ensure that the "Call Forwarding can be set on phone" option is unchecked. Instead, check "Forward 'No Answer' calls to this number," and type your GV number in the corresponding field. You should now receive calls placed to your GV number.

What is GrooveIP?

GrooveIP is Android software from snrb Labs that allows users to make telephone calls using their wireless Internet connections rather their cellular connections (something typically called "Voice over Internet Protocol," or "VoIP"). To do this, GrooveIP utilizes Google Voice, so anyone wishing to use GrooveIP must also have a Google Voice account. But using Google Voice does not necessitate the use of GrooveIP. Put another way: While one must use Google Voice in order to to GrooveIP, one needn't use GrooveIP in order to use Google Voice.

So why are you discussing GrooveIP here in a thread about Google Voice?

Many Ting users have found clever ways to use Google Voice and GrooveIP in tandem in order to significantly reduce their monthly Ting bills. Read the thread for more on how this can be done.



  • David~ Here is my problem and I don't think it is solvable...  :(  

    Ringto wants me to port my gv number over and I cannot-- I am documenting *stuff and need the printables from the texting/calling.  


     I will do some research this Sat and see if hangouts is like gv in that aspect~~~ unless you have some suggestions?  

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  • Jo Ta

    Weird.  I never ported my Google Voice number over to RingTo, so I don't know why you should need to port your Google Voice number to RingTo.  I basically have a separate RingTo number, but nobody knows what it is.

    The new features of Hangouts are intriguing.  I have not had time to look at it yet, and I don't think it will solve all the problems enough for me to substitute it for my current solution, but I am hopeful that at some point we will not need to rely on GrooveIP and RingTo to accomplish what Hangouts +? Google Voice may some day can do.

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  • I was playing with hangouts earlier today~ I like it-- but I wish I knew if I was using wifi or data when calling.   It does seem to actually give my number so people know I am calling!  I haven't had that since May!

    The texting didn't work for me.  I am assuming it is not going through gv and using ting's texting because I keep getting the "you aren't allowed to send texts" message.  SO.... now I AM IN A PICKLE!  I don't konw how to turn off hangouts texting so I can use gv again.  I don't want to turn on my texting abilities on ting because I don't want to pay for them.  Does anyone know how to help with that?!  :O  


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  • Jo Ta,

    Have you figured this out.  It seems that there are settings in Hangouts and GV that allow Hangouts to ring on your phone and you can receive Wifi calls as well as make them.  You also have to changes the settings in Hangouts to allow GV SMS.  You still can not MMS through it. 

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  • As of a day or two ago, Google Voice now supports MMS through most (but not all) US carriers.  I found the way to do this was to integrate Google Voice SMS with Hangouts, so Hangouts is my primary texting app now.  It works well--though when I send someone a photo, they get a link to the photo rather than the photo itself.  Click the link and they can then see the photo.  Photos sent to me come through great, just like any other "normal" phone.  This is great, since it is not uncommon anymore for someone to want to text me a picture and I had to try to explain to them that I can't get pictures through text.  

    When in Hangouts, I have the choice to send messages via Hangouts (using my Google address), or as SMS (using my phone number).  You have to play around in the settings to have Hangouts use your Google Voice number (instead of your Ting number) as the sending phone number, but I did it and it is working fine.

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  • Using GV through Hangouts seems to be working well for me for both voice and texts. 

    I tried reading through threads but missed the answer to my question if it was there: I ported the number I want everyone to use to call me to GV, so is there some way I can have that number show up when dialing out using my Ting phone using the regular dialer and NOT the Hangouts Dialer (in case I prefer to use my regular phone minutes and not data)?



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  • Jill,

    I believe what you are looking for is to download the actual GV app on your phone (assuming android as I don't know about iPhones).  Once you have installed that you will be able to tell your phone which number you want to dial out from (Ting or GV).  This should get your GV number as the one you are dialing out from.  It may look weird the first few times you dial out as it will look like you are calling some other random number.  Just ignore what it shows and test it out. 

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  • Thank you, Corey. I will give that a try and see if it does what I want it to. Will this still use my Ting minutes and not data, even though somehow it is using the Google Voice number (if so, good--that is what I want).



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  • Yes,

    This should use your Ting minutes but show your GV phone number as caller ID. 

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  • That'd be perfect. I'm brand new to Ting so I'll be trying to find the easiest and relatively most economical way to use it and GV together. Something tells me I'll always end up receiving a call or text to my ting number or accidentally using it for something outgoing, so the best I might be able to hope for is to keep those two in the < 100 block and have the rest go through data. Either way, I'm positive I'll be better off than what I was paying.


    Thanks again.

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  • I just set up GV and I am having an issue with caller ID.  I have turned off show caller ID on my Ting account.  The issue is if I make a call with GV, the number shows up as "unknown."   I do get the caller ID showing properly if I use the hangouts dialer.  Any ideas on how to fix it?

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  • What is the best option for me to use my Ting # in cases where I don't have cellular service but have wi-fi (for example, at work at my desk that has no reception). I don't care if my minutes are used or not. I just don't want a missed call to never show on my phone because there was no service.

    I do not want to tell anyone my new GV #. I think the best option would be to forward my Ting calls that don't reach me to GV ("no answer" forwarding option?), that way GV is active on my phone through wi-fi and I will still receive the call. Is that possible?

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  • To answer my one question, yes it is possible, no service is the same as no answer. 

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  • Hope this thread is still live.

    My problem is that I cannot make outgoing calls after I set my google voice number as my caller ID. Here is what I did:

    1. install google voice app on the phone, in the settings, I choose to use my google voice number for ALL calls.

    2. In my Ting online account, device settings, I have:

    Can use call forwarding Enabled
    Can use call forward busy Enabled
    Can use call forward no answer Enabled
    Block your caller ID Disabled

    For the 2nd and 3rd option, I also use my google voice number for the forwarding.

    After all these, when I tried to make a call, there is no dialing tone, and the only thing I hear is a voice prompt: Thank you for calling operator services provided by Sprint...

    Anybody can help?

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