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I have just ordered a ting phone and was reading through forums about using google voice/grooveIP (something I'm looking to do) and found this post:


  • I would like to point out (unless I'm doing something wrong) that with "Call Forwarding can be set on phone" disabled and " Forward 'Busy Signal' calls to this number" enabled pointing to GV I was getting charge 1 min for each forward.  It goes like this:  I call the Ting number, it rings 6 times and then GV answers; that works fine.  I looked in the minutes details and there were two "1 min" sessions logged with the GV number as the "from" number "to" the Ting number.  I was surprised there were two let alone any charges.  Did I mess up?  Is it a bug or network error?  I'd hate to get charged for what little forwarding there will be but I can work around it I think. I know the major cell carriers have a deal with google that this doesn't happen on their networks.  According to the Ting rep I spoke with that has not, apparently,  carried over to Ting and that what is happening is correct.  So, has anyone noticed this or perhaps you were already aware of it?  I was surprised it was not mentioned any where.  If this is correct, you may want to make it clear to potential customers.  Small charges add up and nobody likes little financial surprises :-)

I've already read a few other posts (one I think about unintentional data charges) of removing these charges that the user is not intending, and I know that you all at ting are all about avoiding this type of hidden charge that mainline carriers look upon with greedy smiles ;) and figured that you weren't fully aware of it. I would love to hear if a solution is in the works. Already loving ting btw, even before I have my phone!



  • Cindy, following these steps should help you.  Go to voice.google.com, click the gear in the upper right corner and select "settings."  Then, under the "phone" tab check the "forward calls to my phone" box.  There may be some additional set up to verify your phone number, but it will likely be a phone call or a text in which they give you a code to enter on the website (quite simple).  This should solve all of the problems you asked about!  I would also recommend looking through all of your settings just to have them exactly as you want and to know what your options are.  Good luck!

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