Trouble porting to Ting due to Google Voice?

I was a Verizon customer who started a Ting account yesterday. Today neither of my services are working. Customer service at Ting told me that Sprint is having trouble releasing the number to Ting. I just realized I have GV forwarding. I disabled it and switched the carrier to Sprint before I signed up for Ting, but could GV be the problem? There doesn't seem to be a way to take my number off GV since all the links to "unlock" the number have 404 errors and as far as I know I never ported it to GV, I just was using the fwding so I could get emails of my VM and use the GV voicemail box.  Also I can't delete the number because I don't have another phone to take its place so it won't let me remove it from GV. All the forums have next to no info on this or what to do. So I figured I'd check here. For all I know GV isn't the problem at all. But this is my business phone and I have NO SERVICE which makes it hard for people to call me and book services. I'm really stressed....



  • Hello Cybil,

    First, welcome to Ting!

    Now to your questions. . .

    First, I am a little confused.  You said that you were "a Verizon customer started a Ting account yesterday", but that "Sprint is having trouble releasing your number".

    The Google Voice forwarding should not affect the "number port" to Ting.

    Actually, I just finished porting my Sprint number to Google Voice on Tuesday.  The process was pretty seamless and was completed in about 24 hours.

    Please answer the question about to clear up my confusion, then we can go from there.

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  • From what I gathered your number belong to a sprint account that you use as your primary number in google voice?


    If this is the case you can try the following:

    Add another phone it can be any borrow your friends phone and added to your GV and verify it.

    Change your primary number in settings on the number and change it (get a different GV number and make it primary) making it primary does not always works

    Then delete the sprint phone#  from your GV account


    If that does not fix the problem call sprint and they can remove the GV code that ties your account.


    Hope this helps good luck


    Just out of curiosity why are you not porting our number to GV?

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  • Hey Joe and Jose! Thanks for responding. Let me see about clearing some stuff up.

    Ting uses Sprint as their tower and data provider, so before Ting gets a new account it goes to Sprint. Sprint then releases the number to least that's what I'm assuming based on the conversations I've had with Ting customer support.

    I started a Ting account with my Verizon phone number but my port hasn't finished. It moved from Verizon to Sprint (the first step of moving to Ting),  now Ting is trying to get it to port to them to finish the porting.

    The phone number I'm porting to Ting was associated with my existing GV account. I was only using it for fwding my Verizon voicemail to. I never "ported" it to GV as far as I know, but I'm concerned that something has gone wrong and that's what's holding it up. I just wondered if anyone with a GV account on their phone number had trouble moving their service to Ting?

    Jose - I'm kind of afraid of putting another phone into GV for fear it will be trapped there like mine is. Google offers zero support or assistance and all their info is broken and out of date. :(

    I'm going to call Ting support again tomorrow when they open and let them know I have a GV account. Maybe they, as you said, talk to Sprint and have it removed if that's the problem.

    As to porting my Ting number to GV - I really don't want GV to have my number for anything but voicemail because this is the kind of crap that happens because they have NO user support!

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  • @Cybil:

    Thanks for your explanation!  That clears it up for me.

    I recently ported my number from Sprint to GV.  GV advertises that it takes 24 hours to complete the number port.

    At 23 hours, I had not heard anything from GV that my transaction was completed, so I called Sprint @ 888-211-4727. 

    I asked them if they had released my number to GV, they said "yes, the rest is up to GV to finish up".

    Sure enough, about 30 minutes later I got an email from GV that my number port was complete.

    My point here is that you might want to call Sprint and ask them if they:

    1) have received the "port request to transfer number xxx-xxx-xxxx from Verizon"

    If the answer is yes, then you can ask them more questions like:

    2) Are you still processing or is the ball now in Ting's court.

    Good luck! 

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  • Ok after what you just explained i don't think google would be the problem. You may just need to wait a bit longer some ports take longer than others. I would do what Joe suggested and call sprint and ting on a status update. Hope you get this resolved soon good luck.

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