What about Google voice Lite

I really dislike the Sprint voice mail notification system.  I have tried to setup Google Voice Lite but so far it is a no go.  I just want to use google to answer the phone and send me a text and/or sms alerting me that I have a new voice message.

I walked through Googles help system to setup GV Lite.  I have a GV number and entered that into my ting settings.  1.  disabled Call Forwarding can be set on phone.  2.  enabled Call Forwarding can be set on phone and entered my GV number.  3.  enabled Forward 'No Answer' calls to this number and entered my GV number.

When I tested it my calls were not forwarded.  Am I missing something?  I also tried to forward the number via the phone, ie *28+GV number.  But I kept getting an error.  Any help would be appreciated.




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