Google Voice and your usage statement with Ting

Michael Whitman

Hello Tingians,

I found some useful information that I wanted to share with not only our team, but also our customers that use the Google voice app on their android devices and seeing random phone numbers appear on their billing statements.

A little background: We had a customer say that there were numbers that were showing up in their call logs which were not showing up in their phone call log. After doing an investigation on the 8 different numbers that were magically showing up on this customers bill, I had determined that all of these numbers were owned by the same company; LLC which is also the same company that manages the voice services for Google.

So why was the phone calling random numbers, and more importantly, why were these numbers not showing up in the phone call log. I managed to do a bit of digging and found the following details that I wanted to share:


When you use Google Voice for Android, domestic calls will use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan.

Each time you place a call, instead of dialing the number you want to reach, Google Voice dials a US-based direct access number. The Google Voice server then forwards your call to the actual destination number. This allows for faster call setup and the ability to place calls without a data connection. These direct access numbers may show in your phone's call log, or on your phone bill.

A unique direct access phone number is assigned to each person that you call. The direct access numbers are stored in the Google Voice application, not in your Contacts. They can be purged from your phone at any time by signing out of the Google Voice app.

Note: Direct access numbers are assigned randomly, and may include numbers that are out of your local calling area, or even out of state. If you don't have a nationwide calling plan, you may be charged long distance rates by your carrier.

I thought this was a interesting little tidbit of information myself so I wanted to share this with all of you. Was really interested to find out that the Google voice application can even call out of state to connect the call. Thankfully no one here pays long distance : )






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    Robin Lewis

    Keep that number for your contact identified and use it when sending a text from the native app on the phone to make it appear as coming from your Google number.

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    Zachary Jaeger

    Hi Mike. Just got my Galaxy S3, and I'm loving it, but it appears that I'm not able to place calls with Google Voice. Is this a known issue, ie. is Google Voice not compatible for making calls, or did I just set it up incorrectly? I can send and receive text messages just fine. I can even receive numbers from my Google Voice number, but I would like to be able to show my google voice number when placing calls. Thanks for being a part of an awesome new company.

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    Zachary Jaeger

    ^Disgregard previous comment. The solution can be found here.


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