Having trouble bouncing between Wifi and cell network with GV and Ting number

Ting Newbie here, Liking it so far!

So I followed suggestions regarding configuring GV on my handset and online, as well as using Groove IP and AutoAir. 

With all the settings configured as Anthony Frey laid out, I can get my GV to ring over Wifi, BUT my Ting number goes straight to my GV voicemail. If works correctly when I leave the house (Wifi zone): AutoAir and Groove IP automatically drop off and I can get calls from both numbers. If I go back online under the GV settings and de-select "forward calls to my mobile phone" then I get both numbers over Wifi, but of course my GV number won't forward to my handset outside of Wifi. 

It seems as though the call to my phone bounces around between Ting and GV without ringing either "device". The voicemail picks up immediately, just as if the phone was powered off. 

Did I miss something in the settings? I can't figure out what I messed up, I'm bummed that I can't get my Ting number to forward correctly on Wifi ('cause I HAVE to be able to answer that number 24/7 so if it won't forward reliably, I can't use this setup...)

I'd appreciate any help or advice!



  • If your using your Ting phone as a forwarding phone from your Google Voice number and forwarding calls from your Ting number** to** Google voice, you will need another phone to answer calls forwarded from your Ting phone to Google Voice.

    Best option, don't forward your Ting phone TO GV if your going to use it as a forwarding phone From GV

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  • Yeah, that makes sense. But the feedback from other folks seemed like it worked well (instructions pasted below). I spent a couple frustrating hours going back and forth between apps, running in and out of the house, etc. :) I've got to be missing something, or I would get the same results...


    • Here are the steps I used for this solution:
    1. GV # forwarded to my Ting #
    2. GV # forwarded to Google Chat
    3. Ting device has voicemail disabled; rely on GV instead and forward notifications via e-mail or SMS
    4. Ting device has "busy" and "no answer" calls forwarded to my GV #
    5. Ting device has "hide your Caller ID from others" option enabled
    6. GrooveIP installed on my handset (uses the Google Chat forward)
    7. GrooveIP 3G/4G calling disabled
    8. GrooveIP accept calls on answer enabled
    9. GrooveIP built-in dialer preference set to use GrooveIP on WIFI only
    10. GrooveIP native fallback enabled
    11. Hide the native phone app on the handset, it just gets in the way
    12. Hide the GrooveIP app also
    13. Use the GV app for texting and voicemail retrieval
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  • You might try the GV settings, edit the phone, advanced settings, make sure the forwarding option is set to ring other phones before going to voicemail.

    (I haven't tested this kind of setup myself.)

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  • EUREKA!!! 

    Thanks for the advice! It's working just dandy now. Somehow I missed that last option in settings. Now I'm happy!

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  • 1.  Are some of the features listed in the steps a couple posts up only available on the paid version of Groove IP?  Right now I just have the lite and I don't have the option to do #'s 7, 9, 10 and 11.  I can see them in the settings, but they are gray and I can't do anything to them.

    2.  As far as my GV settings, it gives the option to forward to my mobile and allow texts and notify me of voicemail.  Do I want/need to enable all of those?  I don't intend to use my GV # excusively just yet.  Still sort of testing things out.  I made a few test calls and the sound quality is much better than a couple other apps I tried.  Not ready to give up my Ting voicemail just yet so don't want to disable it until I know all will run smoothy.

    3.  My Groove IP seems to keep signing in and out on its own.  Any ideas why or what to do about it? 

    Sorry for so many questions.  I am not tech savy and completely new to smartphones, apps, etc.  Another concern I have is if someone calls my GV # and I'm not within Wifi.  Will it just go to voicemail? 


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