Can I achieve this GV setup?

I've read these articles but have managed to confuse myself with the details.  Here's what I want to do, but not sure if it's possible.  Much of my use is at home in wi-fi area. I"ve installed GV, Auto air, and Groove IP with the intention of using all VOIP when in wi-fi, but voice isn't going to work  where I am for calls, it's just not stable enough.  However, I'd like to eliminate 90% of the text usage using wi-fi.  So, here's what I'm trying to do:

One phone number visible to everyone I call or who calls me. i.e. Outgoing caller ID for texts and calls shows GV#.

Texts: When in Wi-fi, use Google Voice/Chat, otherwise use cell network

Voice: Use cell network.  I've tried Google Voice and my wi-fi signal just must not be stable and strong enough to use.

Can I do this?

Thanks in advance



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  • Sort of. The voice situation you can handle with just telling the GV app that you want to use it for all outgoing calls, and it will do the appropriate thing when you dial. It will want to use some data (wifi or cell) briefly during the first time you call a particular number, but the actual call will go over cell voice.

    For texts, you'd have to commit to using the GV app on cell data when away from wifi, because there is no way to reliably and automatically switch between cell SMS and wifi for texting. The upside is that texts are so lightweight it should still work out cheaper than SMS.

    AutoAir and GrooveIP aren't needed for this configuration.

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