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Eagerly awaiting my LG Marquee so I can start tinging (even ate the ETF from big red).  I would like to try and use Google voice to have a very low bill.  My plan was to give everyone my GV number regardless of what my ting # turns out to be and have everyone just use that as my phone number.  I understand this will work fine when I am in a wifi area or on Sprints network, but what about if/when I roam on Verizon's?

Reason I ask is this, if I am roaming on Verizon's network then I wouldn't be able to use my GV number to process calls?  Therefore people would see my ting number on their caller id and not my GV number?  Also, if someone needed to call me whilst I was roaming, could they still call my GV # and it forward to my phone?


THanks and sorry if this has already been addressed!



  • For simplicity's sake I'll assume you already know how you'll be using GV while on WiFi, and that when you're out and about you won't be using VoIP over cell data, but just Minutes on your phone as usual. If that isn't the case, say so and we'll figure that out too.

    Configuring GV to forward to your phone (number) will work perfectly for inbound calls whether roaming or not.

    Texts will work too, but only if you consistently forward texts via SMS, since you won't have the ability to change that while roaming. That means being charged Messages for them. It will be cheaper to do texting over cell data instead, but you'd lose texting ability (with your GV number) while roaming.

    Outbound calls are the possible problem point. Normally the GV app (when you choose to place a call with it) will contact GV servers via wifi or cell data to configure a temporary access number, then your phone will dial that number. GV's servers answer that number, then connect you to the real number, so that your GV number shows up on their CallerID.

    While roaming you won't have access to cell data, so the GV app won't work.

    You do always have the option of calling your GV number directly, entering your PIN, then choosing menu option 2 to place an outbound call. This is essentially like using one of those long distance phone cards, and has the end result of having the other person see your GV number as CallerID. The downside is having to enter numbers by hand.

    I believe there are some apps out there that will do this kind of dialing for you. I haven't experimented with them myself, but maybe someone else has and can chime in.

    A third option is more mental work, but will suffice for anyone with a cell you call regularly: use GV alias numbers harvested from forwarded texts. Since it's the same approach you take with a feature/dumb phone that can't run the GV app, I'll just send you to the post I already wrote over here.

    I feel like I'm missing an option but I'm a bit fried right now and can't remember it. Hopefully someone else will.

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  • Thanks so much, after careful consideration of the gv/ting combo I will prob just stick withthe ting only service since I want my number to be just one number no matter wherei go.  Iam a lite user so gv would prob only save me maybe 10 to20 a mth.  Thanks!

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  • @Trevor:

    In case your interested, I found this a month or two ago. And it does work properly when set up properly.

    Flex Dialer in Google play. I'm using the dial pattern  [** A,*,B,,2,,C,#,** ]

    With Direct Voicemail access in GV set to NO

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  • Ah neat, thanks for the reference.

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