Finally giving up on GV due to quality issues--anyone else have similar issues?

Well, it looks like I'm finally going to have to give up on using Google Voice to save money. I just haven't been happy with the quality, and it's making all my friends hesitant to switch to Ting, because they're associating all the problems I've been having with Ting, when it's really just Google Voice!

I use GV for texting, but at least three times a week I won't get an SMS message. And it's always from contacts who usually have no problem texting my GV #, and I confirmed they aren't sending an MMS. These aren't messages that I get weeks later; I never get them at all. They don't show up in the GV app, they don't show up in the GV desktop client, and they don't show up in my GV spam folder; they just never come. On occasions, messages I send out are also never received  It's getting to the point where I have to tell people that if I don't respond to their text, text me again, because I might not have gotten it, and I don't want to deal with it anymore.

I also find the call quality of GV, even over the mobile network, to be somewhat lacking, and sometimes it won't connect for no apparent reason. And when using GrooveIP over wifi, it will frequently log out for no reason and I will miss all my calls until I realize it.

Google Voice can be a great, money-saving service, but I can't take how inconsistent it is anymore. I don't want to have to worry about missing texts or calls just to save a few bucks. Time to pay an extra five bucks a month for a texting plan and see if I can just disable data, since I was mostly using it for texting anyway (I'm almost always on wifi).

Has anyone else been having similar issues or is this just me? Ting's great, it's just GV!!!!



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  • I have debated whether to stop using Google Voice or not. I have used it for probably three years, but the past 6 months or so, the call quality (via GrooVeIP over Wi-Fi) has been poor (dropped calls, other callers not being able to hear me, echos, and have experienced audio delays up to 3 seconds). So far, I'm still willing to put up with these problems to save money on my phone bill. To be fair, our troubles with Google Voice don't seem to affect everyone. However, I've had the same problems on 5 different phones (Galaxy S II's and III's) using several different ROMs and Wi-Fi networks.

    I had convinced my family (four additional lines) to sign up with Ting as well, primarily due to the money they could save by using Google Voice when on Wi-Fi. They experienced the same problems I was having using GrooVeIP, but instead of trying to use their Ting number, they switched back to their previous provider *sigh* It's nice to talk up the potential cost savings of using Google Voice, but many users cannot (or refuse to) understand that any difficulties caused while using any of Google Voice's services are almost always caused by Google Voice and have nothing to do with the Ting/Sprint network.

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