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Is there any way to change the number of rings before voicemail picks up?

I use a Google Voice number as my main number to ring both a Home Connect 2 number, and my cell phone (both through Ting).  I want all the voicemail to be collected on the Google Voice system, but often times the call will go to the voicemail of one of the cell devices first.  I've tried disabling voicemail on both devices, but that just causes a "caller not available" message to play at the same time that voice mail would have picked it.  That just makes things worse because no voicemial is recorded at all in that situation.  Ideally I'd like to set voicemail to only pick up after 30-60 seconds.



  • We can't change the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail with Ting. I've moved this post to the Google Voice forum though, as you're more likely to get advice on GV in this forum.

  • Slightly different question - how many rings should a caller hear before Ting's voicemail picks up?

  • Hi Iris!  Generally it is six rings.  Hope that helps!

  • Just signed up with Ting - clients and family calling thought there was a problem with my voicemail so hung up! Have same question/request about decreasing the number of rings or time before reaching voicemail.  Right now it's 7 very long rings.  I don't want time to pick up the phone, I want it to roll over quickly.  Spend a lot of time on my phone for business and don't want callers to wait for no good reason or hang up.  

    I see the post - "We can't change the number of rings before it goes to voicemail with Ting." but that was 3 years ago - hopefully this has been addressed?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


  • Hey Paige, 

    Try dialling # 796 # to enable the voicemail feature on your phone. (Note that this will erase all store messages in the voicemail). Your password will be the last 4 digits of your phone number. Make sure to update this when you are able to access the voicemail inbox. 

    Regarding the number of rings before voicemail, that is still something we are not able to change I'm afraid. The number of rings is set by the network, not Ting. 

  • The best way I found to deal with this was to set my phone to a short ringtone. That way Google Voice, which only rings 4 times, will pick up before the 30-60 seconds it takes the phone to answer.

  • Sadly, the only way I found to deal with this is to disable the voicemail functionality on my Ting #. It's an old number I use behind GV, so no one really dials it directly, but I could see how that would be a deal breaker for a lot of people who do need that functionality.


    Worse part is the original Voice by Google or whatever it was called allowed this to be changed. Now neither the new Google Voice nor Ting allow any modification to the ring count/duration.

  • Have encountered this myself, and am fed up with the phone ringing at least thirty seconds before voicemail kicks in.  Having my hands full and being unable to turn off the ringer can at times be infuriating.  If anyone at Ting is reading this, if man could travel to the moon fifty years ago then surely technology has advanced enough so that Ting can allow subscribers in 2021 to change the number of rings before voicemail answers, just like other carriers allow.

  • Damn straight.

  • Same issue here. I have Googled this, some suggestions but nothing seems to work, 30 seconds of ringing before voicemail kicks in.

    If the network controls this as stated above, then Ting needs to go to T-Mobil to get an answer how to change this. After all Ting is part of that network, I am not, and T-Mobil will not talk to me.

  • Eurika!!!!

    To make a long story short, you CAN shorten the number of rings on your Ting account regardless of what others claimed you cannot. Unfortunately, I made the mistake and accidentally deleted my "how to" that wasn't very short earlier today. :(

    I discovered in my days of searching that there is a phone number attached to your voicemail that is different from your actual phone number.

    You need to set up your voicemail with a password and a message if you want a message. Best to have this done before you do the how-to codes.

    I discovered this needed number by accident as the other info online did not produce this number.  Two days ago, I called my number repeatedly using another phone, left messages in my effort to unmask the needed number and the other recommended system that didn't work.

    Today I went into my app account for no real reason, looked at my talk usage and noticed a number, (805......... in my case) called several times in succession. I called that number after it didn't show result querying it on Google that it was spam or not. A recording comes online, asked for password followed by #. Voila, it came back with my voicemails. Wow. I plugged this 11-digit number (you do need that 1 before your 10-digit number) into the code that is working for me.  I was able to reduce to five rings, 15 seconds from 10 rings and 30 seconds.

    Here it is. On your phone keypad enter this:

    • * * 61 * 1xxxxxxxxxx * * number of seconds #

    I used 15 seconds to try. After you do this on keypad, initiate the phone call. A page will come up with a bunch of stuff. At the bottom, there is a "dismiss" box, click it, close the phone. Call your number from that other phone and count and time the rings.

    Hope this will help you as it did me and hope my directions is clear enough to follow.






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