Switching from Sprint with Google Voice Integration

I've been a Sprint customer for a while and I did the Google Voice integration a while back. My Sprint number is also my GV number. I would like to switch to Ting, but I'm concerned about losing my number. Ideally, I would keep my current number as my Google Voice number, and get a new number from Ting.

So far, I've had no luck finding an answer online or by calling tech support (Sprint and Ting), as to whether or not this is possible, and if so, how.

Let's say my current number is 555-1234. If I get a new number with Ting, let's say 555-5678, then cancel Sprint, what happens to 555-1234? Does it stay with GV, or does it get lost in the void? Has anybody tried this? I'd hate to lose that number, then have to get another GV number, 555-9012 (now I would have two new numbers and have completely lost my old one).

I can think of two workaround solutions that may work, although they both seem like quite a hassle:

  1. Port my Sprint number to Ting when I switch services. Now my Ting number is 555-1234 and is no longer attached to GV. Then, port my Ting number to GV and get a new Ting number.
  2. Cancel the Sprint integration and get a new GV number. Get a new Ting number (555-5678). Port my Sprint number to GV instead of integrating (this would probably give me a new Sprint number right before I cancel my account).

I think both of those solutions would also probably have a fee associated with them (if I remember right Google charges $5 to port a number).


If anybody has tried any of the three options, please chime in. When I eventually switch I'll update the post with what route I chose and how well it worked.



  • Hi Braden, forgive me as I am not a Google Voice expert, but would like to help you. Were you using your Sprint number with Google Voice or were you using your Google Voice number on your Sprint phone? From my understanding, if it is the latter, then your GV number will never leave your Gmail account. However, if the number belongs to Sprint, then yes, you can port that number over to Ting. You would then need to re-establish your Ting number with GV (option 1).

    I'll leave this to the forums for a confirmation or a correction. All the best.



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  • I'm currently using my Sprint number with Google Voice. When you say option 1, do you mean using the Sprint integration? I was under the impression that didn't work with Ting. If it does, that would be great as I could make international calls very cheaply. This article describes options 1 and 2 in more detail (under "What are the basic options for using Google Voice on my Sprint mobile phone?"):



    This other article on Google's help page makes it sound like if I port my number to Google Voice I'll lose service. If I port my number to Ting first then to GV, then I may have to create another account with Ting?


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  • Hi Braden, I was referring to the option #1 that you listed in your question. You can port your Sprint number over to Ting which will sever the Sprint Integration with Google Voice. You will then have to get a new Google Voice number. To set up the ported over Sprint number, you can log into your Ting dashboard and unselect "Call Forwarding can be set on the phone." Instead, check the box next to "Forward No Answer calls to this number",  then type in your Google Voice number. Also, that is correct, Sprint integration does not work with Ting.

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  • So, that would mean that any call made to the Ting number would get forwarded to the Google Voice number, but only if I don't answer my Ting phone first? Ideally, when someone calls the number I currently have, both my computer and my cell phone would ring at the same time, and I'd be able to answer using my computer. I'd also like to be able to call out from my computer without having a separate number. It still seems like porting the number to Ting might not be the best solution, unless I'm misunderstanding what "Forward No Answer calls to this number" does.

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  • If you want to use Google voice as you've described you will need to port your Sprint number to Google voice.

    If you want to keep your Sprint phone number, you must port that number to wherever else you'd like to use it.  In this case, you'd port it out of Sprint, and into Google Voice.

    You MUST remove Sprint integration from your GV account before you port, or you may be unable to use GV again with that number.

    You MUST NOT cancel service with Sprint, or you will be unable to port the number.  This is true of any porting from one carrier to another.  The porting process itself will cancel your service from the "loosing" carrier when the port to Google completes.

    Read these instructions carefully to be sure that you properly delete Sprint integration:   http://support.google.com/voice/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1207078&topic=1708417&ctx=topic

    Then, please use this link to determine if your Sprint number can be ported into GV:   https://www.google.com/voice/porting?pli=1

    Please read these instructions completely to begin the porting process (when your contract expires):   http://support.google.com/voice/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1065667&topic=1708124&ctx=topic

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  • Hi. I'm in the same situation as Braden, therefore my question is the following:

    if I currently have Google Voice/Sprint Integration, does that mean that My Sprint number was already ported to Google Voice? or it's a different process?

    I want to switch to Ting from Sprint.

    I use my Sprint number for my Google Voice number as well. So for Ting service I also want to use my number that Sprint and GV had, and I also want to be able to use GV on Ting.

    So basically I just want to use only 1 number that I've always had the same.

    What are the steps for doing this so I don't lose the number?

    Thank you.

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  • I'm just following up here because like Braden and Anya, I'm a long term sprint user who had his sprint number become his google voice number a long time ago. 

    I'm one of those people who took advantage of: 

    "Sprint customers can now take advantage of the complete set of Google Voice features without changing their number. If you have signed up for Google Voice on Sprint, or would like to learn more about it, please click here."

    From the voice app on my Galaxy 3, it says that the number I got from Sprint a zillion years ago is both my GV number and the number of this phone.  From logging on to GV I get the 410-258-xxxx enabled by sprint message. I also see Forward calls to :  410-258-xxxx (google voice enabled) checked

    To my simple mind, while you may (I think) call this a GV number, to me it is a number I got from Sprint that was linked with GV and is not the GV number I originally got from GV, which went away when I integrated teh two.  I call it a Sprint number because the wife has the number 1 above and the daughter has the number 1 below :)

    I'll be coming to Ting within the month, but need to keep this phone number (410-258-xxxx) because my huge extended family has it.  Liker Anya I'd like to have as much GV integration as is possible, and don't really care about Ting numbers or GV numbers, just want "my" number to remain "mine" and primary throughout the process.

    I think, per the above, that I must disable the integration before I try to leave Sprint.  That unlinking of GV and Sprint is key to "my" number being ported to Ting.  How many days before? 

    Once I have been unlinked enough, then calling Ting to move by GS3 to Ting should port the 410-258-xxxx number to Ting and terminate service to that phone and number?  So once up and running on Ting with 410-258-xxxx I can explore GV again.

    Appreciate any insight into this.  Sorry to go on so long....

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  • hey John. I can tell you the steps of what I ended up doing.

    1. Remove Sprint integration from your Google Voice account as Robin gave the link above.   http://support.google.com/voice/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1207078&topic=1708417&ctx=topic

    2. Then I ported out my Sprint number to Google Voice. I payed $20 and it took 23 hours for me. Porting out cancells your sprint contract so dont forget about early termination fee.

    3. Then I called Ting and gave them my Samsung phone EID number to activate the service (BYOD). I also got $25 credit for service, for clicking on somebody's refferal, if you want, here's my referral link to get $25 off   https://ze4hdf16ei3.ting.com/

     Then Ting gave me the Ting Number which I don't use because

    1. I added Ting number to my Google Voice account. Which made my old sprint number the only number.

    I attached 2 pictures of my Google Voice settings and Ting settings to do that.  

    So whenever I call, or receive an incoming call or text message it shows my old Sprint number in all cases.

    That's it basically. I also use GrooveIP when I have a wifi at home and at work to make or receive calls. It also uses my Google voice number (which is my old sprint number).

    If you have questions, let me know. And thanks everyone for the info. Knowledge is a power.

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  • Thanks so much, that's just what I needed to know to make things work without being without a phone.

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  • Anya,

    Do you still "receive" MMS messages now that you have GV (Google Voice) with Ting? According to Ting's GV documentation (linked below - updated 7 days ago) there is not full Ting/Sprint integration. 

    I'm also wondering how this will play with Google Hangouts 2.0. I have the new Nexus 5 and there are integration problems with GV and Google Hangouts, that is, unless you are on Sprint. Does this also apply to Ting?


    --from ( https://help.ting.com/entries/20993213-Using-Google-Voice-on-your-Ting-phone)

    I see that Google and Sprint have partnered to allow Sprint customers to deeply integrate Google Voice with their mobile phones. Can I do this?

    No. This special integration is available only to Sprint customers, not Ting customers. 

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  • Derek,

    We cannot receive or send MMS using Google Voice, however, Ting has an MMS option through a regular text message application using your Ting number. Since I am using only my GV number, I removed the built-in text message application from my phone and I send pictures using email-to-email.

    As for Google Hangouts on the phone, I use it for Gmail chat only. For calls i'm using GV using Ting data and minutes, or Groove IP when on WiFi. When i'm on my computer, the calls are coming through Google Hangouts and my phone rings as well so I pick up what's closer to me :)

    Hope it helps!

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