Semi-OT: Transfer a Google Voice #, vanished???

Hi Folks. I have asked this and got a resounding silence over on the appropriate GV forum in GoogleLand, but since people here like to get under the hood on the technology and try stuff, maybe someone has a clue.

I had my longstanding (9 years) number ported TO Google Voice a couple years ago, well before Ting appeared on the horizon. That's on my cards and everything for a long time now. I was thinking I'd unlink that number from the Google account and move it to another that I am starting that has less baggage associated with it. I did my research (I think I did), I read the advance warnings as I progressed through the steps to transfer. I had even done the same thing for an org I webmastered for, and had no problems that time (though the accounts were on the same Google Apps domain, and my current move is from one domain to another, but still managed in the same G Apps admin space). 

Anyhow, it's been a week now, rather longer than their cautioned 48 hour window of possible downtime, and the classic number seems to be... nowhere. Not on the old account, not on the new. The data (call history, texts) did get transferred, but the number itself is MIA. Calling the number results in endless rings.

To recap: trying to move full fledged GV number associated with one Google Apps managed account to another. The names are different but the accounts are managed in one admin space.

It's baffling, and of course, there is no Google help line, though I keep hoping the guy who moderates the help forum will make an appearance.

If nothing turns up, I might port my Ting number out to GV and start over again. It's not so different than moving house in the days before cell service.



  •  I've seen some of the worse messes when accounts are moved within apps accounts.

    Just try to be persistent over in that forum and add a post every day or two in the same thread.

    That will move it to the top and someone will see it sooner or later and escalate it for you if Matt doesn't see if first.


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  • Thanks Robin. I'll keep riding them like you suggested. 

    Any idea what it is about the two Apps accounts that makes this such a trainwreck?

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