Error code 2046 & GrooveIP problems on slower connections/3G

Was recommended to me to ask here as there are more Google Voice users here than in the troubleshooting section, but I'm having a really hard time using GrooveIP anywhere but my own wifi connection.


Original Post from the Troubleshooting Section:


Error code 2046

All the variables that might have made a difference in bringing this error about:

I got error code 2046 and I can't find out anything about it, when I search it brings up a lot of other codes that are similar in the way this one was acting (I use GrooveIP for calls and FreeText forwarded from my Google voice for Text, try to keep everything on data.) My phone was almost dead, so Eco was on. I was also in a place that was extremely crowded (4th of July fireworks at Coney Island) - Not sure if the amount of people around would limit my access to 3G or not though.

What I was trying to do:

A lot of times when I tried to log on to GrooveIP (since it wasn't automatically logging in - Even though 3G had full bars (they were white with a triangle over them though, not sure what that means))  it said "network not available" even though I had just successfully sent a text message not 10 seconds prior via FreeText - Also every time I tried to send a second text message though FreeText it said "could not send, either you have no connection or your settings are incorrect, email us at xxxx" and green bars would suddenly turn white. Even though they were green before I hit the send button.

**Update** - I've tried using this at a friends house and was having a similar problem there (Not error code 2046 but just unusable calls), the phone defaults to speaker (trying to get this fixed in the troubleshooting section) and when I try to turn speaker off GrooveIP lags and doesn't even let me end the phone call or turn speaker off. I can hear the person on the other side, but they say I'm very choppy. Its acting like it doesn't have enough memory to function, but more than half the phone's RAM is open.

It works very well when I'm at home, on my own wifi. No problems at all, a little echo but nothing to be concerned about. If I try to use 3G or someone else's wifi that is a little slower than mine I have the above problems. I can hear them (choppy) but they can't hear me at all. - I mean this was made to be used with 3G, wasn't it? Am I doing something wrong?



  • VoIP really needs ~1Mbps to operate well. It won't use that much (much closer to 90Kbps), but if you have less it tends to get choppy. VoIP also needs a consistent connection, where the latency doesn't change much. So, VoIP really doesn't work that great over 3G unless you have an awesome 3G connection. The best I've seen personally on Sprint (Ting) was 100Kbps, which won't cut it, but I get poor data connection in my house and I'm yet to get a chance to test where I do get full bars. Do some speed tests and see what the ping and up/down speeds are to see if it is a problem with 3G bandwidth.

    As for Wifi, well, there are lots of different kinds of wifi speeds and you didn't provide information about his internet connection. More information would be helpful if you really want to figure out why it won't work on your friends Wifi.

    Same with the speaker phone issue, you didn't list your phone model.

    I'd suggest you try talkatone for free, as it has better voice quality, but in my experience it didn't stay logged in or integrate very well. I ended up purchasing Spare Phone because it had better voice quality than Groove IP (free) and better integration than Talkatone. So Spare Phone was essentially a happy medium between the two. I have no problem placing Wifi calls from any Wifi I've come across. Spare Phone even works on a public Wifi that GrooveIP was blocked on.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion! Got Spare Phone and it is so much better already!

    Talkatone isn't compatible with my phone. Gingerbread 2.3.4.

    Phone Model: C5120 Kyocera Milano Rooted

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