I can't believe this actually worked!

My family is under a contract with Sprint and in order to save money we dropped our smartphones and went back to feature phones.  We were able to get our Sprint bill from $200 to $100 a month.  But we really missed using our smartphones.  So I looked around and found Ting.  My wifes number is the only one still with an ETF if we cancel.  So I switched our three other phones over to Ting and dropped her level of service to the lowest Sprint offers.  Now I get to use my smartphone and my parents are with Ting on my account.  

The best part is that since Sprint and Google Voice are partnered, I was able to set it up so that when anyone dials her old number with Sprint (which she has had for over 10 years) it now rings her smartphone which I switched to Ting just today.  And  I was able to make her outgoing caller ID show up as her old Sprint number so no one will know she has a Ting number.  

This way she has her Sprint number and Ting service (along with Sprint service till her contract runs out).  There are a few quirks but nothing that is a deal breaker.  The best part is we are spending less money using both services than we were with just Sprint and now we can both use our smartphones again!  

I love Ting!


tldr; I used Sprint/Google Voice integration to avoid using Sprint almost completely while avoiding an ETF and I'm spending less per month with two services and getting more for my money than Sprint alone. 




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