Somehow in the middle of a text converstation between two people I don't know.

I'm using the GV setup that includes autoair and groove ip. I have seperate Ting and GV numbers, but I thought I had everything routed through GV so that even if someone called or texted my Ting number GV would still take care of it.

So far it's worked brilliantly, but then about an hour ago I received a series of text messages from two numbers having a conversation. I don't recognize the numbers (I don't even recognize the area codes) and they went directly to my native SMS app. They aren't showing up on any Google app or website. Ting isn't showing that I used any texts either though. I don't want any texts to come to my native app.

I'm attaching my Ting and GV setup, maybe one of you can tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I've rechecked can make and receive calls on my Ting account, btw.


Update 1: A telemarketing call of some sort went to my native phone also. 

*Update 2: I'm still somehow in the middle of this text conversation. I can't text them directly back because my native app is turned off, so I texted them from GVoice and told them that they had the wrong number. I then got more texts where the two of them are discussing why some number they don't know is texting them! *

What do I do? There's no evidence yet that the texts are registering on Ting, and  I don't mind being charged for legitimate texts coming to my phone, but this is the equivalent of when land-lines cross and you can hear other people's conversations EXCEPT I CAN'T HANG UP.






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  • Have you tried uninstalling any of the apps you're using for Google Voice to see if it continues happening? Essentially stop GV from being connected with Ting in any way to confirm.

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