Existing GVoice/Sprint Integration and a New Ting Number?

I purchased a Nexus 5 and put it on my Sprint account and in the process freed up my Galaxy Nexus for use as a test device for CM11 and to have as a spare phone for backup and as a Wifi Hotspot.  I put the device on Ting and have been very happy with the service.


With my existing Sprint number, I have the Google Voice integration - I always thought that was a very cool feature of Sprint to do that integration.  Of course, my Google account is tied to this Google Voice number (same as my Sprint phone number).  With Ting, I have a new number on my GNex and I was trying to set it up with GVoice.  I learned quickly that Ting does not have an integration agreement with GVoice, so it isn't quite so simple.  I found some instructions for a workaround to have the Ting line forward to the existing Google Voice number, but it is kind of cumbersome because the Google Voice number is active on my Sprint phone, so it rings there and I have to discard the call there before GVoice gets it.


Is there a way to get another Google Voice number associated with my Google account that I can have both phones connected to for voicemail?



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  • Hi Daniel.  You could likely setup another number through Google Voice, however you would have to contact them for information and setup instructions.   Once that is setup, let us know if you need our assistance.

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