Setting Up Google Voice as Voicemail on the Nexus 5

Nicholas Crotser

I've just completed set up of GV as voicemail for a client's new Nexus 5, I had a few issues with busy/no answers being told something along the lines as "There was a problem, please try again later." until I realized 'Voicemail' had to be enabled on the dashboard. What follows are instructions on how I was able to set up GV as Voicemail for this client.

Here it goes. 

On the Web

Get a GV# from

On the phone

Install GV app "Voice"

Dial  *72(GV#)  (ex. *721112223333)

Update GV number in GV app

Dial  *720 

On the Ting Dashboard:

Make sure "Voicemail" is checkmarked.

Checkmark Forward Busy signal to this #  (type GV#)

Checkmark  Forward "No Answer" calls to this #  (type GV#)

This configuration method works on the three phones I've set up for them thus far.



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