Texting Goog Voice On Native App

Here's my issue...I have my Ting number and it's working great. I have all calls going through Google voice with no issues but the texts that I send through the native app (SGIII) are going through my Ting number...which I don't want to happen.  I have checked in Google Voice "Receive Text Messages on This Phone", but it's still going displaying the Ting number. What am I missing?


Also, for those that have ported over your Google Voice number, were you still able to use the Google Voice number until it actually ported to Ting? I think that might be the best solution, but I need that number to continually work.





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  • Hi Garrad.  Using the native app, your texts will go through your Ting number.  You would have to use Google's texting app to get the texts to go through their Google number.

    You can continue to use your Google Voice number until the porting completes.

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