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I am using Google voice for my voicemail but every time I get a call and it goes to voicemail I get a brief blank voicemail on my ting voicemail which then makes the voicemail notification popup on my phone. It's not a big deal but it's mildly annoying having that notification there all the time that you can't clear without calling into voicemail and deleting the blank message. Is there a way that anyone has found for dealing with this? I know I can uncheck voicemail in the device settings but I don't know if this will mess with Google Voice at all. Thanks in advance.



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  • I use Google Voice for my voice mail, so this would probably be the setup you want.  Yes, you definitely need to turn off the voice mail setting in your Ting account for that phone.  That conflict would be causing a problem.  So then also in the Ting settings, for busy and no answer calls, you should put in your Google Voice phone number for it to forward to.  That is it.  So incoming calls will come to your Ting phone, if no answer, then they forward to the Google Voice number, and go into voice mail there.  One further refinement is that you probably don't want it to also ring for a while on Google Voice, so check the box for "do not disturb" on Google Voice, so it will immediately send the calls to voice mail.  The forwarding does use minutes while the person is leaving a message, but it's not much, so I don't care about it.

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