HTC Arrive (BYOD) Windows Phone

So I had been bought a few of these from ebay and some came from my sprint account. Here is what you need to do to get an arrive going on ting.


Start by going to make sure the device is no longer active on sprint.

(Note be-careful when you buy off ebay I ran to some that were not reported stolen but I could not use either on sprint or ting because another carrier had ported the device over.)

Once you have activated the device the best thing is to reset it:


Dial ##786# (you may need to do this twice if the phone had not finish loading)

Service Tools opens

press RTN

Press "Reverse Logistics Support"

Press "reset" enter MSL code from ting activation email

Wait for it  toi restart and it will activate


MMS - If you want MMS to work I found you can change the settings using these steps 

Dial ##786# (you may need to do this twice if the phone had not finish loading)

Service Tools opens

Press DATA

Press Edit enter MSL code from ting activation email

Press Advance

Edit MMSC adress from to


Now what if you don't want to erase everything on a phone you been using? (this should be done at your own risk, it worked on 3 phones for me but those does not warranty it will for you)

Backup PC ONLY

Download and install zune software

Plugin phone using USB and follow instruction on zune to add phone. If phone comes in as guest change it so pictures and video syncs.

Close zune leave phone plugged in

Downloads and extract  "WP7 Update Cab Sender"

Install "if needed install this tool" pick 32bit or 64bit depending on your system

 run WP7 Update Cab Sender

Press option B (you will need at least 4gb and up to 16gb depending on how many apps,, files etc you have in phone)

This can take hours

Close window when done and disconnect usb cable

Follow above steps to activate phone on ting

Open zune

reconnect phone back to usb

wait for phone to load name it the same as you name it the first time, if you forgot open the pictures folder and you will see a "From DEVICENAME" folder

Click on setting on the top of zune

click phone and then update

click restore (this will also take a long time)

After it's done drag any pics, videos, and/or songs back into phone


I did not create tool for backup I got it from xda-developers forum credit to them and creator.



  • Jose Cerna, good post for those buying a non-activated Arrive. I had 2 active Arrives on Sprint and here's the process I recommend to bring them over. Note that this DOES NOT wipe user data from the phone. Current Arrive owners won't lose anything with this method. You will need an old/inactive phone that can be activated on Sprint.


    1. Go to and swap the desired line to the old Sprint phone
    2. Activate Arrive on Ting at
    3. Go to Devices under Your Account on Ting and add your Sprint number to the Arrive
    4. Provision services/MMS settings on Arrive (see below)

    It took just over 3 hours to complete these steps from start to finish. There's no need to contact customer service at either company, so it can be done on weekends or overnight. Below are the steps to provision the device in the same format as posted for other devices. Try them if anything is not working.

    Prior to programming MMS, you should ensure that voice, SMS and 3G data are working well. If you have issues with those, a Profile and PRL update is likely required. To do this:

    1. In the "Settings" app, scroll down to and select "cellular"
    2. Make sure "Data connection" is on.
    3. Select "change network profile" to update. Click on "close" when it has completed
    4. Select "change prl" to update. Click on "close" when it has completed.

    Once your Arrive is confirmed to be activated and you have voice, text messaging and 3G data working, you'll need to manually program MMS capability.

    Before you begin, please log into your account at In the ting dashboard, select your device, and ensure you have checked off "Can send & receive picture & video messages".

    1. Open the Phone app
    2. Dial ##3282# (##DATA#) from the dialer to launch Service Tools
    3. Select "DATA"
    4. Touch "edit"
    5. Enter your Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) (a six digit code provded to you by Ting) and touch "OK"
    6. Touch "Advanced"
    7. Scroll to the bottom of the "Advanced" page and touch "MMSC Address"
    8. Enter "" and touch "OK"
    9. Touch "Save", then "OK"
    10. Send a test MMS message to activate

    MMS should now be enabled and functional.

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  • Thought I'd add my experience here. At first I could only get voicemail to work. I followed the ##786# instructions posted above. It reset my phone to factory settings.

    After going into Settings > Cellular > Change Network Profile and clicking update, and then updating the PRL, I got calls and text messages to work,, but not voicemail.

    As a side note, I manually updated the phone to WP 7.8 and it does not seem to affect the ability to use the calls.

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  • Super excited about Ting, and finally made the switch once my Arrive was support (I couldn't stand to go Android after the joys of WP7).

    Anyway, everything is working great, except that I no longer receive text (SMS) notifications. The messages arrive and are visible as unread in the Messaging app, but the live tile does not display a count, and my phone does not vibrate/ring (despite notifications being turned on).

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions come to mind?

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  • I have not had that problem on any of the Arrives I've brought over. I would suggest running the reprovisioning steps again as this is non-destructive (the way I posted them, not the ones at the top!). Another thing to try would be unpinning and re-pinning the Messaging tile, and a good old-fashioned soft reset in between.

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  • Yea, a few good ol' fashioned reboots did the trick. I should have done those before posting. Feeling like a technoob right now. Feel free to delete these comments for the sake of keeping the forum clean and focused. And thanks for the quick response.

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  • Anyone have problems bringing brand new Arrives to Ting?  I've bought two different ones off and have not been able to get them activated.  Before buying the two new ones, I had an Arrive that I brought over from Sprint on my account and didn't have any issues.

    I've tried multiple resets (including RLS), network updates, etc.  I've even tried assigning different phone numbers on my account to the device to determine if it was a porting issue.

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  • Christopher, yes i ad the same problem recently the prices dropped so much that I bought two new ones. I could not get them to activate normally. I had to program them manually to get the to make calls and text. Data I could not get to work. Solution? The only thing I could find was that some come with bad settings making it impossible to activate with sprint tech support. So I activated one sprint line and had them deal with it at the store. Once they had it working I took the second one and had them activate that one in the same line. Then I activated the one they fixed to ting with out a problem. Sorry wish I had a better answer but nothing else worked. 

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  • Hi Christopher.  Sorry about your difficulty.  I'll forward you a support request so we can work with you to get you working.  Check your email shortly!

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