Activation Feedback

"Not a support request, but as a software developer who focuses on UX, I wanted to provide some feedback about a couple things I noticed during the activation process yesterday:

  • After adding Pay with Amazon to my the account, before activating the SIM cards, the fields such as address, etc. were reset with blank/default values. Going to another page then going back fixed it.

  • After I completed the step above, there was no indication that Pay with Amazon was my selected billing method under Account Settings. After I activated the SIMs, I noticed that it was shown as the payment method.

  • The TOS only mentions the CDMA network, and needs to be updated.

  • I had to select payment method again when activating each device, even after I already set up a payment method in the account.

  • Received "You have canceled your authorization for" emails from Amazon Payments, saying I canceled authorization for automatic payments. This may be due to the steps completed above.

I was surprised how quickly my number was ported from Verizon, I was expecting a day, and it was done in an hour.

I then installed the Ting Android app to monitor my account, and noticed a couple of things:

  • the menu/back arrow and overflow menu are black instead of white, which is not consistent with the title bar text color.

  • on the Settings screens, the title bar should be standard Material style, with the back button and Settings on the left, and the checkmark with "Done" on the right.





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