HTC EVO 4G LTE Possible To Sideload PRL?

I get the dreaded error 1233 when I try to update my profile and or PRL..

So, my question is this.. is possible to push the PRL myself? I'm not even sure what PRL I should be on..

Currently I'm running 20425.

Unlocked/Rooted Android 4.3/Sense 5.0.. I'm running the stock RUU for the OS.. (can't seem to get anything to run) and had not idea rooting/unlocking was going to cause me the headache.. the only reason I wanted to do so, was so I can get rid of the sprint apss on the phone, but can't even do that, cause I get S-Off.. ugh...



  • I should also state, that I have tried several times to reload the stock RUU (I got from HTC) back on the phone (in hopes of reverting back to stock) to solve the problem... but I get an error about half way through..

    Everything seems to work ok.. It's just I"m sure on an ANCIENT PRL...

  • Yes.. I get the same... from what I have read on google, it's because it's a Rooted.. once you root, you cant get anymore updates even PRL.. which is STUPID... but it's something to do with HTC... I guess I'm stuck

  • Rooting a stock ROM will NOT kill Profile & PRL updating. I have an HTC Detail (EVO Shift 4G) on ting rooted and it updated fine.
    Custom ROMs, even those based on stock tend to have dialer codes, Profile, & PRL updates broken.
    Ting does not provide their PRLs for sideloading.

  • then I have no idea whey I keep getting the error... I have googled and all I'm seeing it's because the phone is S-On and rooted...

    I guess I'm screwed.. can't afford a new phone... so I just hope this one keeps working with this ancient outdated PRL

  • I would call or chat with Ting support for extra tips.
    They maybe able to check the network back-end and see what is happening.

  • Did you get this figured out?

    There is a way to get back to an unrooted and stock version of the phone (I just did it today). When I do that I can do a carrier reset and/or go to (something like) About Phone -> Updates -> Update PRL. That should do it.

    That said, I think you can flash just "radios" onto your phone which updates PRL, but I'm not certain on that.

    If you are still looking, ping me and I'll see what I can do to help.

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