I'm currently on CDMA.
When I look at the coverage maps, both show 'full' coverage in my area.
Except, CDMA coverage is spotty/marginal inside my house. I have to move to the second floor to carry on a conversation.
Is there any way to see/know if the GSM signal is any stronger here than the currently weak CDMA? With both maps showing full coverage?



  • The only real way to know is by using a phone in your house. Ting GSM uses T-Mobile, if you know anyone using T-Mobile or MetroPCS you could check their signal at your place.

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  • Both Sprint and T-mo have poor indoor coverage. The frequencies that they use don't penetrate buildings very well. Both carriers have a work around for this though. For the CDMA network, you can get an Airave. It is basically a personal cell tower that covers your home and connects back through your internet connection. They are available used on Ebay or new from Ting. For the GSM network, some specific phones offer a feature called WiFi calling which allows them to place a call through a WiFi connection. Look at phones on T-mo's web site and select for WiFi calling. That will tell you what models support it. You can then look for a used one - it must be T-mo branded though. I also think Ting now offers one for sale.

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