Help please with Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini tri-band, on Ting???

I'd like to keep my phones with Ting, but this is getting extremely frustrating with all the new restrictions. I have an older phone, simply want to switch phones. Was looking at GSM, almost wasted my money on a phone until I found where Caller ID won't work on Ting yet. That makes it useless for me. Had to comb through pages and pages to find this information, that is not mentioned by Ting much at all. So next, back to a Sprint CDMA phone that will actually work on Ting. So about to buy a used Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini, that says it is compatible with Ting. BUT wait, after wasting more of my life, I come across this below about potential problems with Tri-band phones, like the sprint Galaxy S4 Mini. I'm in an LTE area, but not in a Sprint Spark area. I'm not going to buy a phone that I have to set to 3g because it might not work on LTE with Ting. Will the Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini (provided it actually can be activated once I get the phone in my hand) get full LTE (non-Spark) that is available in my area that I'm currently using with my older phone? Will it also work when I go to a 3g area? Is there a yes answer to these questions or is a no or yet another it all depends and you won't know until you activate the phone while standing on your head eating peanut butter covered pineapples????



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  • To add to that any individual Sprint phone brought to Ting must pass Sprint's FED (Financial Eligibility Date) check at
    If possible, see if your seller could check the phone for you first.

    You should probably call or chat with Ting support for the detailed answers you need. My main lines are on Ting GSM and I have had my Ting CDMA devices for a very long time.

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