Update Rooted Galaxy S4 to lollipop 5.0?

I just got notice of a software update on my S4 to lollipop 5.0 but I haven't accepted the download yet because I'm not sure if it will break root. Any ideas?



  • I think that updating will lose root since it is essentially flashing over your installed rom.
    You could just go all the way and get a 5.1.1 rom. I have been using Optimized CM 12.1 for the Sprint S4 after using nightly builds ov CM12.1 for a few months. Everything works and I don't have to still be a point release behind.

  • yep I went ahead and unrooted it after reading a bit more, I will look at the link you provided and see if I can figure that out. I appreciate the response, thanks much!

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