Will This Phone Work, Can't Find Whitelist anymore

So, I've given up on my dream of ever finding a iPhone I can afford.. I will be getting a bit of money early Aug, and really need to upgrade my HTC EVO 4G LTE.. as I'm having issues with it..

I was looking at phones, and ran across this http://www.hsn.com/products/lg-g-flex-6-curved-screen-smartphone-sprint-prepaid/7780193

It's in my budget, and seems like a good deal (cheapest I've seen it) main question is, can I activate on Ting.. I would assume yes, as it's a Sprint phone... but want to make sure, before I pull the trigger, if that's what I choose to do.


Never had a LG phone before, but I'm loving what I see with his one.. that screen is darn sweet



  • No.
    It's locked to Sprint Prepaid.

    You would not be able to take to Ting, or any other service, until after you've bought and paid for 12 consecutive months of service on Sprint Prepaid.

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  • Shoot! OK thanks.. guess it's back to the drawing board..

    So, I need to look for a Sprint branded phone (not Pre Paid) or I can look for a T-Mobile correct? found a deal a on a Verzion iPhone, But I thought it had to be a T-Mobile?

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  • If you really need a Sprint (CDMA) phone, the only advice I can offer is: buy it new (not refurbished) from Ting's shop page. https://ting.com/shop?Condition=new&Network=cdma
    Any other source will likely run afoul of Sprint's FEC rules.

    If the T-Mobile network is good in your area, you have more choices.
    1 - a T-Mobile no-contract phone from Best Buy or Amazon (or another similar store)

    2 - a T-Mobile no-contract phone directly from T-Mobile,
    as long as you're prepared to pay for a month of service and a T-mo SIM.

    3 - any unlocked GSM phone that supports 1700mhz band 4.
    Use the EMEI checker to verify compatibility.

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  • A cheap way to go is a Huawei Ascend mate 2 (Consumer Cellular variant), I got mine from sears for 209.99 with a $15.00 discount, then I got a Unlock code on Ebay for 2.50 and signed on for ting. Now I have an awesome phone and plan. Its also very rootable and getting a Lollipop update very soon !!!!

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  • Or save your money and buy new unlocked iPhone from Apple Store, but do your research on CDMA vs. GSM before purchasing the phone.

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