Alerts Feature Request

Your alerts are an awesome feature. Maybe you can improve it. When you're setting up a new alert, you're provided with the three options (Minutes, Messages, Megabytes)

If I'd like to have an alert for when my balance is getting to expensive, I need to do some research and math. First I'd need to look up the prices for each bucket and estimate the numbers to input for an alert where I think its getting to expensive.

A simple solution would be to add a total bill amount option to the new alerts.



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  • That is an excellent idea.

    Another idea might be surge detection. My wife's phone downloaded a bunch of updates over LTE and not wifi after the her phone was upgraded from Android 4.4 to 5.0.1. Getting an alert about the sudden increase from her normal 15-20MB a day to 900MB would have been nice. Assuming I saw it time.


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