MMS over WiFi on GSM

I just "upgraded" from a CDMA phone to GSM on Ting (Samsung phones, old Galaxy Victory to S5 mini). I did not realize that I really have to enable cellular Data on that phone now in order to receive group messages or any MMS because apparently the GSM setup (?) on Ting REQUIRES mobile network data to fetch the MMS (Group/media messages). This does not make any sense - it is Data, why does it matter if it comes over WiFi vs mobile network ?! It's the only time I am forced to enable mobile data on my phone, which is a silly extra cost I did not need it before this "upgrade" because it worked very well over WiFi on the older Sprint Samsung phone..
Should I understand this is a protocol limitation of the underlying carrier (T-mobile vs Sprint), or is it a device limitation (unlikely) ? My new GSM phone is S5 mini (I know it's only 2G on T-mobile, don't care, I've used data only on WiFi.. until now),
Is there any chance that Ting can fix this ridiculous requirement in the future ?



  • For CDMA it depends on your phone, some can use MMS over WiFi, others can't using the default texting app.

    You can use Textra to get MMS over WiFi on CDMA, it should work with GSM phones also. Enable it in the settings, along with the T-Mobile WiFi fix.

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  • This is usually phone dependent. I have been on Ting on their Sprint CDMA network for about two years with four different models of phones, and none of them have been able to use wi-fi for mms messages.

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