Adding VoLTE Support to Moto E 2nd Gen?

After accidentally crushing the screen of my long-term CDMA Nexus 5, I picked up a Moto E 2nd gen to test out the Ting GSM coverage in my area now that Band 12 is active. I popped in a Ting GSM SIM, and was shocked to find that I had completely satisfactory LTE coverage with the new Moto E.

Now, I have come to find that should I ever upgrade the device to the official Android 5.1 image, my band 12 support will be disabled. ( )

I'm a software developer, and Motorola's response to the issue just doesn't ring true to me. I don't buy that the device just "doesn't support" VoLTE, as other devices with the same MSM8916 processor/modem (like the LG G Stylo and LG Leon) support Band 12, VoLTE, and even WiFi calling.

Given that there is already a promising start to a Cyanogenmod port to the device, I'm curious if this is an endeavor I could tackle myself and maybe get some support from Ting. I know that the voice channel negotiations are dictated by the carrier, and would imagine they're probably locked down by device type. Is there something like a feature flag that Ting would have access to fiddle with on my account?

If not, I won't bother and will just return my Moto E and pick up an LG Leon or something.



  • Some further reading and some thinking later, I'm realizing that this probably just isn't worth the time investment, even if the baseband radio image has retained support for B12 and includes the VoLTE support of other devices.

    Picking up an LG Leon instead. :(
    Sorry for the noise.

  • Ting is constrained by whatever Wi-Fi calling is offered by their partner. T-Mobile.

  • When I learned about the change I requested a refund from Motorola and they agreed. I am now getting the CDMA version to replace it.

  • This is really a Motorola's issue. Both G and E originally had band 12 support but Motorola removed it because T-Mobile doesn't want phones with band 12 support without VoLTE, and dropping a band was a faster/cheaper solution. T-Mobile's concern is legit, as in many band 12 markets they simply have no other technology to carry out a call, and someone could potentially be unable to call 911 while having good LTE signal. So, we know that the hardware supports it all and it is a matter of adding required software and passing VoLTE certification with T-Mobile. Motorola had a choice to (a) implement VoLTE or (b) pull band 12 support. They chose latter for (seems like) cost reasons. My hope is that another update is in works to add VoLTE and resurrect band 12, but there was no hit or promise on that, so it is just a hope.

    There's plenty of rant about it on internet. For example:

  • VoLTE doesn't matter and will never take off or become mainstream

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