Ting to Ting Messaging / Calling

Ryan Bill

First off, we LOVE Ting! I have been using it for almost a year now and I am never going back.

There is one feature I do miss from the bigger carriers: Free Mobile to Mobile or In-Plan calling.

Would it be possible to offer free Ting to Ting calling or even kick it up a level and extend that to texting, so members that are on the same plan can talk and text for free?

OK fine, it doesn't even have to be free - maybe make it free incoming Ting to Ting to cut down one one devices minutes to help save on overall minutes used within a plan? Maybe just do in-plan free Ting to Ting texting? I suggest this because I find my wife and I are the only ones that really text each other.

I understand I could use WhatsApp or Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, but that will simply chew into the data.



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    Bruce Osborne

    Free Mobile to Mobile is never truly free, but hidden in other charges. Ting aims to be as transparent as possible. Their partners charge for every text and call, so they charge us as users.

    For devices on the same account it is double because Ting is charged for both sending and receiving.

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    Haldon Field

    Another variation on this would be free calls or texts between Ting devices on the same account. Or at least stop charging for 2 texts/minutes and charge for just 1. This would cut your profit if Sprint charges you coming and going, but you might make up that loss because you would encourage your customers to add another device to their account, and then you get to collect $6 plus whatever other charges the other devices generates.


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