Which IPad versions work?

I'm looking to buy an IPad Air from the second hand market, therefore I do not have access to any MEI numbers ahead of time to check them with the online tool.

Is there a general guide as to which IPads work with Ting service? Should I be looking for a particular provider? I think I read somewhere that Spring IPads work, but what about Verizon, for instance?

Thanks in advance.



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  • Since you mention Spring, I assume you want to use Ting CDMA (Sprint) and not ting GSM (T-Mobile).
    I assume that iPad devices follow the same rules as phones. If so, it must be a Sprint iPad activated on Sprint at least a year ago.
    Verizon iPads are not permitted on the Sprint network.
    If you nave good T-Mobile service ans with to use Ting GSM, any T-Mobile or unlocked AT&T iPad should work.

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