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I have just purchased an unlocked Samasung Galaxy 4 T-Mobile GSM phone for my trip to Italy. I am aware that Ting does not cover Europe. Any suggestions on how to obtain service while in Italy?
I was thinking of changing to T-Mobile for a month with international option, then back to Ting. Also there is Onesimcard and Knowroaming. Anyone have any experience with those?
We are going to be gone for two weeks. It would be nice to keep my current phone number, which I can do by temporarily switching to T-Mobile, I would think. I worry about switching back from T-Mobile to Ting, in case there are any issues.
Travel expert such as Steves suggesting buying a local SIM card in Italy, but I would rather not wait, since I would not know my new phone number until arrival and I don't want the hassle / waste precious time while on vacation.



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  • Our usual recommendation is to go with a local SIM. You can order these in advance from some companies so that you will know what the number is and can set call forward to go to it so that you will receive your calls. If you decide to get one there, you can set the "no answer" and "busy" call forwarding remotely from your Ting account if you are forwarding a CDMA line. Porting back and forth shouldn't be a problem if you want to go that route, but I don't know if they will offer the plans that include the international roaming without a contract. You would have to verify that with T-mobile.

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