Affirm as a Possible Financing Provider?

I know you have struggled to find a good financing partner. I know of at least one other MVNO provider that offers Affirm as a payment option, and their API seems really straight forward. I just wanted to throw that out there if they where not on your radar already. I think some sort of financing plan would defiantly open more doors for ting. With a service like Affirm, you don't have to lock-in your customers, they own the device outright, and simply owe on a loan that they pay monthly directly to Affirm. Ting has zero risk, and since you sell unlocked devices (for the most part), customers are still free to take their device to another provider without any termination fees. Seems like a win-win to me?



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    Device financing is tricky landscape to navigate. It's also a secondary service avenue that would command some of our resources, as Bruce mentioned.
    Getting as many phones into the hands of our customers is always a priority for us, we just want to ensure we don't stray from our core values in the process.
    That being said, it's still on our radar for consideration. No timeline at the moment.
    Fortunately, you're not totally out of luck as cheap phones are easier to come by through services such as Amazon and eBay.

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  • I am sure Ting is very busy finishing the support and buildout of their existing Mobile GSM ams Internet services.
    Any financing partnership would need a way to lock the phone to the service. Ting values freedom and I am not sure they have the capability to SIM-lock any phone coming to Ting GSM.
    Perhaps Ting will post an official response here.

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