Invalid Sim for iPhone5s

I'm trying to bring my iPhone 5s, formerly with Virgin, over and I'm running into some issues. I initiated my number transfer this morning, and it went through after an hour or two. Then I tried popping in my sim card and it gave me the "Invalid SIM Card" error. I read the error message and realized that maybe my phone wasn't unlocked. So I called Virgin and had them unlock it. They told me to wait 2 hrs before trying to activate the phone again.

Two hours went by, and I was still getting the "Invalid SIM Card" error. So I waited some more..some more...a little more...and here we are 10 hours alter and I'm still getting that same error. I even called Virgin again to verify that the unlocking had taken place. They said it had, but they'd initiate it again, just in case. I assume I need to wait another 2 hours, but I figured I'd check here and see if anyone has any advice.

I'm currently without a cellphone right now, since my # is sitting in limbo between Virgin and Ting. So the sooner I can get this figured out hte better :)

Also, I'm locked out of going the GSM route, because the walkthru claims that Sprint claims that I have unpaid bills or w/e with them. Which isn't true since it's pay-as-you-go with Virgin anyway...From what I've gathered, if I coudl go that route, I could use my existing Sprint SIM card (It's what Virgin sent me) to activate through Ting.

Here's what I've tried:
-Restoring my phone (3 or 4 times no, never getting the "Unlocked" notification)
-swapping the SIM card at boot
-swapping the SIM card while running
-selling my soul to satan

None of it has worked. What do?



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  • A Virgin Mobile phone must have been used for at least 12 consecutive months before Sprint will permit it on Ting CDMA. This allows Sprint to reclaim the subsidized price paid for the phone.

    I assume the phone fails the check at due to failing Sprint's FED check.

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